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Public Information Office - About


Carole Alfano
Judicial Branch Public Information Officer
603-271-2646 x2359


The Public Information Office does not answer questions about legal procedure, rulings or opinions and it does not provide legal advice or legal referrals.

The Public Information Office is a central source of information about the court system for New Hampshire citizens and the news media. The office helps facilitate print and broadcast coverage of hearings and others activities within the court system.

The Public Information Office works closely with the court technology staff in maintaining the Judicial Branch website and supervises development and publication of the Judicial Branch biennial report, the quarterly newsletter and other reports and publications about the work of the Judicial Branch.

Judges, court staff, civic organizations, schools, public officials, the New Hampshire Bar Association, and many others participate with the Public Information Office in developing public outreach presentations and projects about the court system. The Public Information Office also arranges for speakers from the court system, including judges and staff, to visit schools and community groups.

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