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Public Information Office - About

If you are a party to a case and need information about your case, contact:
The Trial Court Center

If you have received a jury summons, or are a juror and have questions, contact:
The Jury Center 

If you have questions regarding filing an appeal with the New Hampshire Supreme Court or if your case is currently on appeal and you have questions, contact:
The New Hampshire Supreme Court
Clerk’s Office

If you are a member of the NEWS MEDIA, Contact:
Carole Alfano
Judicial Branch Public Information Officer
603-271-2646 x0243

The Public Information Office is prohibited from answering questions about legal procedure, rulings or opinions and it cannot provide legal advice or legal referrals.

The Public Information Office (PIO) works with citizens and members of the news media who have questions concerning New Hampshire’s court system. Our staff members help facilitate print and broadcast coverage of hearings, trials and others activities within the court system.

Additionally, the PIO arranges for speakers from the court system, including judges, to visit schools and community groups.  The PIO also schedules tours of the New Hampshire Supreme Court.  If you are interested in scheduling a speaker or a tour, please contact Laura Mitchell at: or  603-271-2646 x0251.

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