New Hampshire Judicial branch seal


Innovation Commission Quarterly Report
Letter from Chief Justice Linda Stewart Dalianis to Representative Kenneth L. Weyler
Quarterly Report on Judicial Branch Implementation of Recommendations Contained in the Judicial Branch Innovation Commission Report
Appendix A Report of the Judicial Branch Innovation Commission: January 2011
Appendix B

New Hampshire Circuit Court Implementation Plan Pursuant to RSA 490-F:19

Appendix C Preliminary Videoconferencing Installation Plan
Appendix D Management Application Packet
Appendix E Circuit Court Training and Orientation Agenda: UNH School of Law
Appendix F NH Supreme Court Order Amending Rules
Appendix G Specialized Case Processors Position Postings
Appendix H New Hampshire e-Court Organizational Chart
Appendix I E-Court Organizational Chart Roles
Appendix J E-Court Vision, Definition, and Mission
Appendix K New Hampshire e-Court Stakeholder Chart
Appendix L E-Court Project Manager Position Description
Appendix M E-Court Statutes/Rules Analyst Position Description
Appendix N Q Position Descriptions for Senior Network Manager, Database Administrator and Developer (description not yet available), e-Court Business Systems Analyst, Project Manager, and LAN Specialist.
Appendix R E-Court Principles
Appendix S NH e-Court Risks
Appendix T State Justice Institute Grant Application
Appendix U April 26, 2011 Letter from the State Justice Institute
Appendix V Bureau of Education and Training LEAN Document
Appendix W Information Technology Assessment: List of Criteria and Reporting Format
Appendix X Introducing the Court Technology Framework
Appendix Y Court Technology Framework Checklist
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