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The best way to learn more about New Hampshire's judicial system is to schedule a tour. With over 60 courts throughout the state, a field trip is within easy driving distance, and tours can be tailored to meet the needs of your grade level (K-12 all welcome!).

A trip to court can teach students:

•  What a courtroom looks like
•  How the trial process works
•  What a jury does
•  Who works at the court in addition to the judges
•  What each person's duty is at the courthouse

Tours of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court offers tours of its building in Concord for 4th graders which include a visit to the court room, the law library and the conference room when not in use. Students are given an overview of the functions of the Judicial Branch and its importance in State Government.

Although very unusual, conflicts in the court schedule do arise and trips may need to be cancelled or rescheduled. Notification will be made as soon as possible to avoid undue inconvenience.

Because many groups enjoy combining their tour with a visit to the State House and other state attractions based in Concord, the State House Visitors Center coordinates tours for both the State House and the Supreme Court. Scheduling a tour can be done by contacting Virginia Drew at the State House Visitor's Center (603) 271-2154 or by emailing her at

Tours of other courts

In addition to the Supreme Court, you are welcome to visit any of New Hampshire's lower courts. Schedules of cases to be heard and the times that the court will be in session are available from the clerk's office of each court. To locate a court, please visit the Judicial Branch web site at


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