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The John W. King New Hampshire Law Library - FAQs

Is the Library open to the public?
Yes. The New Hampshire Law Library is the only public Law Library in the State.

May I check books out of the Library?
No. The Law Library is a research library. Materials generally do not circulate, thereby remaining available for general usage.

Will the librarians do legal research for me?
No. The librarians will be happy to teach you how to use the tools of legal research and your telephone or written questions will be answered to the fullest extent possible but we cannot give you legal advice, or legal opinions, or do legal research for you.

Does the Library have Internet access?
Yes. The Library has public access computers in its Computer Lab. Use of these computers is governed by the Public Computer and Internet Access Policy. Word processing is not available.

Does the Library have Shepards?
Yes. The Library has Federal, United States, Regional Reporter, New England states, etc. citators published by Shepards.

What about state statutes? State administrative rules?
The Library has state statutes for all 50 states, and administrative rules for New Hampshire.

What kinds of New Hampshire practice materials are available?
The Library collects continuing legal education material from the New Hampshire Bar Association and from the National Business Institute. Also available are legal periodicals for New Hampshire: the Bar News, the Bar Journal, and Trial Bar News. Treatises on various legal subjects, while general, augment New Hampshire practice materials, and are collected by the Library.

What about legislative history material?
The Library has the major sources available for New Hampshire legislative history.

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