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To develop an end-to-end electronic court case processing system in a digital environment, eliminating paper processes and decreasing case processing time, while increasing information management efficiency, accuracy, and constituent service through leveraged uniform work processes.


The Judicial Branch e-Court Project vision is to automate New Hampshire court case processing workflow and to take advantage of the functionalities included in existing case management systems. This will be accomplished through a single source of information entry into automated systems, timely transfer of that information to other automated information systems within the Judicial Branch and to external stakeholders, and increased access to case and court event information by authorized users. This concept includes electronic files and payments. The Project will accommodate electronic signatures, notarizations and certifications. The long term goal is to eliminate paper file storage and file rooms, replacing them with accessible, secured electronic storage systems resulting from electronic information data entry and, only where necessary, scanned images of existing documents.


NH e-Court will offer the public and court staff the following key electronic features and seamless interfaces to the NH Judicial Branch case management systems, Odyssey for the trial courts and C-Track for the Supreme Court.

e-Portal is the capability for the public and litigants to access court files and court services through the internet.

e-Self Help is the capability for litigants to access procedural guidance and step by step instructions through the e-Portal.

e-Court Services is an electronic directory of miscellaneous transactions that provides information and related services to the public (e.g. certified copies, electronic record checks, transcripts, etc.).

e-Calendar is the capability to display the court hearings calendars to the public through the e-Portal.

e-File is the capability for attorneys, self-represented litigants, and other participants to electronically file case documents through the e-Portal.

e-Signature is the capability to allow authorized parties to sign court documents electronically.

e-Payments is the capability to accept the electronic payment of filing fees, fines and other court fees for all courts through the e-Portal

e-Citations is an electronic interface to transmit motor vehicle citation transactions between the court and state police and local law enforcement.

e-Case Initiation is the electronic process of submitting, receiving and acknowledging case filings and payments (if required) that initiates the opening of a new case in the court Case Management System (CMS).

e-Case Documents is the capability to access electronic images of certain court file documents, through the e-Portal, consistent with the NH Judicial Branch's public access policy.

e-Document Index is the capability to electronically search and display the history of filings, events, and case statuses to the public through the e-Portal.

e-Document Management is the electronic storage and organization of certain case file document images.

e-Case Processing/Management is a series of actions following case initiation that further advances a case in the CMS up to and including the closing of a case. Actions may include automated review, automated workflows, work queues, automated scheduling, electronic notifications and notices, payment processing, and automatic indexing of documents.

e-Notice is the capability to electronically generate and distribute court notices to parties.

e-Notification is the capability to electronically notify parties of case events and updates on the e-Portal and through email.

e-Courtroom is the electronic interaction involving the parties, the judge and the court that allows for the efficient and timely adjudication of legal proceedings in the courtroom.

e-Judicial Support is all electronic activities and resources that support the judicial officers in the decision-making process through the use of the judge's virtual desk (chambers, home, off-site, other court locations, clerk's office).

e-Data Exchanges is the electronic transmission of data between agencies, departments and all courts.


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