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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will all filers be required to file Small Claims and Guardianship cases electronically using e-file?
A. Yes, the system is a mandatory one where all filers must file via the e-court online filing system unless they ask for and receive an exception to electronic filing. However, NH e-Court Project is being rolled out initially only for the Small Claims and Guardianship case types.  While all Circuit Court locations now accept and require e-Filed Small Claims, only the Brentwood and Laconia Circuit Courts will be accepting/requiring e-Filed Guardianships initially.  Other court locations/jurisdictions are expected to be added to the Guardianship electronic filing in the four months following the June 19th initial implementation. An updated implementation by court is posted on the Judicial Branch Circuit Court web site periodically and can be viewed through this link.

2. Can my attorney file my case for me or can I file it myself as a self-represented litigant?
A. Yes, on both counts. NH e-Court Project has two electronic methods or paths for filing. One is geared toward self-represented filers and has more help, guided assistance and instructions to assist you in filing. The attorney version is more streamlined with less guided instruction.

3. How do I know if my computer will work with NH e-Court Project?
A. Although  NH e-Court Project system is geared toward filing through the Internet from Internet connected locations, computers used by filers at home or at libraries in addition to  other computer kiosk providers systems will need to meet certain technical requirements to be able to use e-Court. Those technical requirements are listed in this link. Questions pertaining to these requirements can be addressed by our NH e-Court Project staff by calling 1-855-212-1234.

4. What if I don't have a computer?
A. Computers are being installed in courthouse lobbies to access NH e-Court Project.  Libraries and other public kiosks (computers) may be also be used.

5. Can I pay the filing fee electronically?
A. Yes, we encourage electronic credit card payments. We accept VISA, Master Card and Discover. You will be prompted for payment at the end of your electronic transaction. We do not accept transactions from other credit card brands, electronic checks, debit transactions, PayPal or other payment types through the NH e-Court Project at this time.

6. What if I need to pay the filing fee in cash?
A. The Judicial Branch prefers credit card payments for efficiency of making the entire filing experience electronic. However, as a service to our filers, we understand some filers prefer cash. Therefore we allow filers to pay their fees via cash at the courthouse after the filer files the case electronically. Essentially, there is a feature at the end of the electronic filing process which provides an option to defer payment to a transaction at the court. The electronic transaction is then processed into a holding status or queue until the payment is made and is not considered an official filing until such time as the payment is completed.

7. Does e-Court foresee and encompass processing of cases electronically for other case types?
A. Yes, the status schedule of many case types can be found in this link.   

8. How do I sign the filing forms through NH e-Court Project?
A. NH e-Court Project is equipped with an easy to use electronic signature process that meets the new Judicial Branch e-Rules developed specifically for NH e-Court Project.

9. What is an e-Rule?
The Judicial Branch processes paper based cases today using certain Rules published for filers to follow to assist in successful filing and to offer an understanding of how the NHJB expects case events to occur. The sheer nature of electronic filing caused the court to redesign how a case is handled and resulted in new business rules for the electronic case processing borne by NH e-Court Project. Thus, a separate group of rules were adopted known as e-Rules which apply to electronically filed cases through NH e-Court Project. The new e-Rules are available in this link.

10. Can I print my filing when I finish signing it and paying the fee?
A. Yes. While the court will not print their copy of your filing in favor or using the electronic version throughout the court case business process, functionality exists for you to print your case filing.

11. If I don’t print my case filing, how do I view it or know it was filed?
A. Once you have finished filing the case electronically, the final screen you complete will indicate so. Also, you will receive an email confirming your filing was received. Third, you will be able to view your case filing electronically at any time.     

12. Are the forms that will appear on e-Court screens the same as the forms I use now?
A. Not necessarily. NH e-Court Project sports a redesigned business process to improve efficiency of our former paper based processes. You are likely to see a similarity in our electronic versions, but some distinct differences as well. 

13. How do I seek help with the electronic filing of my case if I require it?
A. Our call center operators are available during specified hours to assist our filers over the telephone. They can be contacted at 1-855-212-1234. This number will appear on the filing screens for your convenience of calling during the process of filing your case.

14. What else should I know before filing a case through NH e-Court Project?
A. We recommend new NH e-Court Project filers return to the previous menu and view each document listed for assistance in understanding the nuances of New Hampshire’s new electronic case filing system NH e-Court Project.







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