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NH e-Courts Project Principles

Business Process Reengineering

New technology will cost money.

NH E-Court Project savings will come from changes to trial court processes and operations.

We must change our processes for managing information in ways that do not sacrifice due process.


Every variation from standard and uniform process will increase the time, cost, and risk of this project. We will need standard rules, forms and processes, and we will need to apply them uniformly within each case type and within each jurisdiction.

Exceptions to this principle may be allowed in cases where uniformity leads to an unfair process or result or if it increases costs.

Swift decision making process

We must assign the task of developing efficient information management processes to small groups, each of which is led by someone with the authority to make decisions quickly. That leader must anticipate and thwart the impulse to develop workarounds and idiosyncratic processes that will delay the project and perpetuate inefficiencies.

Judicial Independence

Our judges must maintain their independence in the adjudication of disputes but must defer to the Supreme Court and the Administrative Judges in administrative matters.

National Standards

We should adopt national standards that apply to e-filing. Once adopted, we should depart from a standard only if:

•  the standard yields an unfair process or result

•  departure from the standard will yield greater efficiencies

•  departure from the standard will save implementation time and/or money.

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