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Project Testimonials 

“With financial backing from the state legislature, we will launch a paperless 'e-Court' system that will include e-filing, electronic payment of fees and fines, digitization of court records and electronic access to court records by litigants, attorneys and members of the public. That is an investment in the future that will provide efficiencies and better service for the public.”
NH Supreme Court Chief Justice Linda Stewart Dalianis - Testimony before ABA Task Force on Preservation of the Justice System - May 26, 2011

"The e-Court project, as daunting as it may seem, is essential if we are to fulfill our constitutional and statutory obligations to provide judicial services to the citizens of New Hampshire. Those services must be accessible and affordable and perhaps above all transparently delivered if we are to maintain the vitality of this co-equal branch of Government." - Supreme Court Justice Gary Hicks

" e-Court is a significant undertaking that holds the promise of faster, more efficient constituent service and higher value roles for judicial branch staff. "
- Eric B. Herr, former President and Chief Operating Officer, Autodesk Corporation, Chair of the Judicial Branch Innovation Commission and member of the e-Courts Advisory Council

"The key to a successful transition to e-filing is preparation. From developing the e-filing rules to re-working the court's business processes to determining how work will flow in an electronic environment, it all requires creative and deep thinking as well as input from the various constituents impacted by e-filing. If the work processes are well thought out, the e-filing system is intuitive, and the bench, court staff, bar and public are well trained, e-filing can be an incredibly positive tool."
- Daniel J. Lynch, U.S. Magistrate Judge/Chief Deputy Clerk. United States District Court, New Hampshire

"Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures."
- Tom Peters - Management Consultant and author of "In Search of Excellence"

"75% of benefits resulting from automation are the result of effective business process reengineering, not technology."
- Tom Clarke, Vice President for Research and Technology at the National Center for State Courts

"E-File is not about technology, it's about culture change and strategy."
- M. Janice Michels, King County Clerk, Washington State

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