Date August 28, 2001 Contact: Laura Kiernan
Public Information Officer
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CONCORD—Kathleen Fogarty Jones of Nashua, who recently celebrated her 25th anniversary with the New Hampshire Court system, has been selected to receive a "Spirit of the Judiciary" award, Chief Justice David A. Brock announced today.

Jones, the office manager at the Superior Court for the Hillsborough South District in Nashua, began her career in the courts after graduating from Kingswood Regional High School in Wolfeboro. She worked her way up from court assistant in Carroll County to her current position in which she has a wide range of responsibilities from bookkeeping and personnel management to ordering office supplies and transcripts.

Chief Justice Brock will present Jones with her award Wednesday, August 29th at 8:30 a.m. during a ceremony at the Superior Court in Nashua.

"There are certain people within our system, and Kathy Jones is one of them, who take care of the important day-to-day details that keep the administration of justice moving," the Chief Justice said. "We want Kathy Jones to know that the judges and staff all appreciate her reliability, her readiness to take on new responsibilities and her enthusiasm during all the years that she has been with us," Brock said.

Justice Linda S. Dalianis, who served for many years on the Superior Court, including as Chief Justice, and was the supervisory judge in Hillsborough South, will also attend the ceremony tomorrow, along with Justice James E. Duggan.

The Spirit of the Judiciary Award was established by the Chief Justice in December 1999 to recognize examples of outstanding public service within the Judicial Branch. Jones is the sixth employee from around the state to be honored this year.

"Working in a court system is a team effort and I’ve always been fortunate to work with the best teams," Jones said when asked about her long career in the judicial system. "I’ve been taught a lot along the way and I have always enjoyed it," she said.

In nominating Jones for the award, court clerk Marshall A. Buttrick said Jones efficiently manages the many demands on her time but also looks for "creative" ways to improve the way the court does its work. In Hillsborough South Superior Court, more than 7,800 civil and criminal cases are processed each year.

Buttrick, who has worked with Jones for 14 years, said Jones has always succeeded in striking a balance between work and family life. Jones and her husband Michael are longtime Nashua residents. They have a 16-year-old son, Ryan.

"Her priorities are lined up the way you would want them to be," Buttrick said.