January 10, 2001
For Immediate Release

Contact: Laura Kiernan
Public Information Officer
271-2646 x359

CONCORD---The New Hampshire Supreme Court today expressed its deep appreciation to the Task Force for the Renewal of Judicial Conduct Procedures for the prompt and thorough way it conducted an independent analysis of the Judicial Conduct Committee.

The full court called the work of the task force a crucial step toward strengthening the public’s confidence in their judges and in the court system.

"All of us on the court believe an important way to assure the public that it can feel secure about the fairness and competence of the justice system is to have the conduct of judges reviewed by a procedurally independent committee, " Chief Justice David A. Brock said. He noted that both the task force and the full court "share a common goal of moving the Judicial Conduct Committee in that direction."

"We are anxious to move toward that change because it is in the best interest of the public and the court system," Brock said, speaking for himself and Associate Justices John T. Broderick Jr., Joseph P. Nadeau, Linda S. Dalianis and James E. Duggan.

As noted in the report released today, the Supreme Court in September requested that the task force be created to "take a fresh look" at the way judicial conduct is reviewed and how the rules are enforced.

"We believe that the task force has not only done that job well, but it has given us a valuable guide toward change," Brock said. "We are thankful for that," he added.

The Chief Justice said the full court is now studying the report, which it received on January 8.