Statement by Justices Broderick And Duggan


January 15, 2002


Associate Supreme Court Justices John T. Broderick Jr. and James E. Duggan issued the following statement after reviewing the report released today by the special panel of the Judicial Conduct Committee of the New Hampshire Supreme Court:


After a thorough and thoughtful investigation of our role in the events of April 20, 2001, we are pleased that the special panel has concluded that we did not violate any provisions of the Code of Judicial Conduct. We appreciate the detail with which the special panel addressed the issues involved.

We are also gratified that the special panel recognized that our actions and the actions of all of the participants were consistent "with their perception of the larger public interest." At the same time, we acknowledge and understand the special panelís comment that even though there were no violations of the code of conduct, it is important for judges to recognize how their actions might be perceived by others. We accept the panelís observation and have taken it to heart.