Date April 2, 2002 Contact: Laura Kiernan
Court Information Officer
271-2646 x359




CONCORD—The New Hampshire Supreme Court issued a published opinion today in which Associate Justice John T. Broderick Jr. participated prior to his injury. As is the court’s practice, the decision date on the published opinion is the date when the ruling is released to the public.

Opinions issued during Justice Broderick’s absence from the court in which he is listed as having participated in the decision are cases in which his participation and vote in the case occurred prior to his injury.

While Justice Broderick is recovering, Chief Justice David A. Brock and Associate Justices Joseph P. Nadeau, Linda S. Dalianis and James E. Duggan will continue to screen new cases that come into the court, preside at oral argument and conference the cases. State law provides that three justices constitute a quorum of the court.