Date: October 22, 2003 Contact: Laura Kiernan
Court Information Officer
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Leader In Court Computer Services Receives Award

CONCORD—Sandra L. Wentworth, who supervised a long-awaited statewide effort to convert every courthouse computer workstation to the Windows operating system, received a Spirit of the Judiciary Award Tuesday from Chief Justice David A. Brock.

Wentworth, a Systems Analyst/Programmer, who began working for the Administrative Office of the Courts in 1984, was honored during a ceremony at the Supreme Court for her dedication to the justice system. In addition to the Chief Justice, the event was attended by the four associate justices of the Supreme Court, Donald D. Goodnow, the director of the AOC, and about 40 of Wentworth’s co-workers.

"All of us can appreciate how valuable it is to have a very capable computer systems analyst at your side who also has a positive ‘can-do’ attitude," Chief Justice Brock said during brief remarks at the ceremony. "That’s what Sandy is all about. Even when she is dealing with an out-of-date system, that doesn’t always work, Sandy makes the best of it," the Chief Justice said.

In October 2002, Wentworth was put in charge of a team of systems technicians whose job was to carry out the long overdue process of setting up the Windows operating system at 650 workstations in courthouses around the state. Until then, court staff had been using the out-of-date DOS operating system. The last court conversion to Windows was completed in July 2003.

"They were ready," Wentworth said in an interview about the staff in the courthouses around the state. "We had been telling them for years that they were going to get new equipment," Wentworth said. When the equipment finally arrived, Wentworth said "Everybody loved us."

In nominating Wentworth for the Spirit of the Judiciary Award, Carroll County probate court register Gail A. Monet said that Wentworth’s positive attitude helped those staff members who were hesitant about change.

"Sandy has a very calm and reassuring way about her. Her smile reassures you that everything will be okay and you really will be able to adjust to the new system," Monet wrote to the selection committee. "Sandy was able to come into the court and become part of the team in a matter of minutes," Monet said.

In accepting the award from Chief Justice Brock, Wentworth said the conversion could not have been completed so smoothly without the "team" she worked with from the AOC technical support staff.

Wentworth’s next assignment is to supervise implementation of the new case management system for the state’s trial courts. The current system has been in place for more than 13 years.

The Spirit of the Judiciary Award was established in 1999 to honor judicial branch employees who have consistently exemplified a high level of public service in the administration of justice.