DATE: April 28, 2004                                            CONTACT: Laura Kiernan
                                                                                                  Court Public Information Office
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CONCORD---Julie A. Introcaso, a deputy clerk at Rockingham County Superior Court, has received a scholarship from the State Justice Institute to attend a conference on planning and implementing court technology sponsored by the Institute  for Court Management at the National Center for State Courts in Williamsburg, Va.

            The course is designed to help court managers understand automation issues, processes, structures, options and problems that arise in the ongoing development of electronic filing and case management in the nation’s courts. Participants in the conference, held from April 26-28 at NCSC headquarters in Williamsburg, will learn  how to build “electronic courts,” and how to use case management and electronic filing as part of that process. The conference also includes discussion of how to develop an effective technology budget request and how to understand and effectively negotiate technology purchase and maintenance contracts.

            The State Justice Institute is a non-profit organization established by the federal government to award grants to improve the quality of justice in State courts nationwide, facilitate better coordination between State and Federal Courts, and foster innovative, efficient solutions to common problems faced by all courts.

             Introcaso, a graduate of Boston University Law School, is a trained marital arbitrator and has been certified by the New Hampshire Superior Court as a guardian ad litem and as a neutral evaluator of marital cases in connection with New Hampshire’s dispute resolution programs. Prior to joining the judicial branch, she had a private law practice and worked for the New Hampshire Public Defender.  She is a member of the National Association of Child Advocates and an original incorporator of the New Hampshire Women’s Bar Association.

            “I am excited about attending this program at this time. The New Hampshire state courts are working hard to implement some of the advanced technology now being used in other state and federal courts. The legal community and the general public will be seeing a different court in the near future, and I am grateful to the SJI for the opportunity to see what that future can look like.” Introcaso said.

            More information about the State Justice Institute is available on the SJI website at