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Communications Director
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From Superior Court Chief Justice Robert J. Lynn:

"John Broderick is an eminently fair and decent human being. As Chief Justice, he has led the New Hampshire Supreme Court with a steady hand through a period when the courts faced many challenges. He has helped to bring about a number of important changes in the way the judicial branch operates, and he has worked very hard to make the New Hampshire court system open, accessible and transparent.  I will miss having regular contact with him, his warm and friendly personality, and his great sense of humor.  I wish him Godspeed in all his future endeavors."

From Judge Edwin W. Kelly, Administrative Judge of the District Court and Family Division:

"Words cannot adequately express the sense of loss I felt when Chief Justice Broderick told me he would be retiring. He has led the judicial branch through its most difficult period in modern history with unparalleled energy, openness, determination and good humor.

Through his tireless outreach efforts he has restored the relationship between the legislature and the courts to a point of mutual respect and understanding, created a sense of unity and single purpose among the trial courts and publicly set the tone and example for the respectful treatment of all who come to the courts around the state seeking justice. And, he has been a champion for innovation within the judicial branch.

I am saddened at the prospect of not having his good humored, even tempered and generously supportive presence to call upon. At the same time, I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work at his side for 15 years and to call him my friend."

From Judge David D. King, Administrative Judge of the Probate Court:

"Chief Justice Broderick has served with distinction as the leader of the judicial branch yet he has never lost sight of the fact that the courts belong to the people we serve and, as judges, we are fortunate to have the privilege of working here.

Judge Broderick's door has always been open to me, and I feel most fortunate to have had the privilege of serving as an administrative judge during his tenure as Chief Justice. Some of the most important work that the Chief Justice does in this state takes place off the bench. Chief Justice Broderick has been a tireless advocate for the state court system, for our staff whom he has taken the time to get to know, and for the lawyers and litigants that use our courts every day. And he has worked diligently to improve the relationship that the judicial branch has with the other branches of our state government."