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Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

Laura Kiernan
Communications Director
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Dec 5, 2011—The New Hampshire Supreme Court judicial performance evaluation program is now underway. By state law, and court rule, the Supreme Court is required every three years to design and distribute a questionnaire to a representative selection of attorneys and parties who appeared before the court.

The 2011 survey sample includes attorneys who participated in oral argument before the Supreme Court justices in 2010. A letter, dated December 1, 2011, has been sent to those attorneys from Supreme Court Chief Justice Linda Stewart Dalianis explaining the performance evaluation program and alerting them they will be receiving an electronic survey by e-mail. Letters have also been sent to unrepresented parties whose cases were briefed and decided on the merits in 2010. All full and part-time judges and marital masters also have been contacted by letter from the Chief Justice and asked to participate in the performance evaluation survey.

Chief Justice Dalianis encourages all recipients to complete the survey which will be used to evaluate and improve the court's performance.

Responses to the electronic surveys are automatically compiled by the survey program, under the supervision of the Human Resources department at the Administrative Office of the Courts. The deadline for survey responses is January 16, 2012.

Lawyers who appeared at oral argument in 2010, or parties whose cases were decided on the merits after briefing in 2010, who have not received a letter from the Chief Justice should contact the Supreme Court at 271-2646 ext. 2359 to determine if they should receive a survey.