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Circuit Court Probate Division - Professional Guardian Information

Pursuant to RSA 464-A, the Probate Court Administrative Judge may certify professional guardians who would then be eligible for appointment as a guardian of the person, guardian of the estate or guardian of the person and estate of an incapacitated adult or a minor if requested by a petitioner. The definition of a professional guardian is "a competent person who provides guardianship services for a fee to a ward and who is not related to the ward by blood, adoption, marriage, or civil union. To be eligible for appointment, a professional guardian must meet criteria established by the administrative judge of the probate court. To apply for appointment as a professional guardian, interested persons should contact Patty Cole at or call her at 603-271-6418.

The organization that administers the exam for certification as a professional guardian is the Center for Guardianship Certification

Professional Guardian Coordinator
Patty Cole

Administrative Order 16 - Criteria for Professional Guardian

Circuit Court Administrative Order 2014 - 64 - Standards for Assessment and Approval of Professional Guardian Fees

Circuit Court Administrative Order 2014 - 63 - Procedure for Appointment of Professional Guardians

NHJB-2938-P Professional Guardian Quarterly Case Report

NHJB-2939-P Professional Guardian Quarterly Ward Report

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