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53.5. Standards For Individual Course Or Activity Approval

  A.  To be approved for NHMCLE credit, continuing legal education courses or activities, whether offered by approved or non-approved sponsors, shall meet the following standards. The NHMCLE Board may grant credit for such courses or activities upon written application of a non-approved sponsor or a student.

   1. The course shall be of intellectual or practical content and, where appropriate, address professionalism issues, including professional conduct, prevention of malpractice, law practice management or attorney-client relations.

    2. The course shall contribute directly to lawyers' professional competence or skills or to their education with respect to professional or ethical obligations.

    3. Course leaders or lecturers shall have the necessary practical or academic skills to conduct the course effectively.

    4. Each attendee shall be provided with written course materials of a quality and quantity which indicates that adequate time has been devoted to their preparation, which will be of value to the registrants in the course of their practice and which may be retained permanently by them upon completion of the course.

    5. The course shall be presented in a setting conducive to a good educational experience.

    6. The course shall be open to any lawyer thought to be interested in the subject matter, with the exception of in-office courses described in Rule 53.3(C) and courses offered by professional organizations primarily or exclusively for the education of their members, or primarily or exclusively for lawyers employed by federal, state, or local government; provided that the course sponsor may impose reasonable limitations upon course enrollment and may require reasonable prerequisites in terms of academic and/or practical experience for course attendance.

    7. The sponsor shall as appropriate encourage the active participation by lawyers as planners, coordinators, authors, panelists and lecturers.

    8. The sponsor or the student shall submit such information concerning the course as the NHMCLE Board may reasonably request within thirty (30) days following such request, such as attendance lists of those lawyers seeking credit in New Hampshire, course brochures, description of the method or manner of presentation of the course materials and a set of course materials and course evaluations.

    9. With respect to approval or accreditation of self-study programs eligible for NHMCLE credit pursuant to Rule 53.3(E), in addition to the requirements therein, and the requirements prescribed above, the sponsor of such a program must agree to maintain and upon request supply the NHMCLE Board with a record of the lawyers obtaining such a program from it. In awarding credit for such activities, the NHMCLE Board may consider the following factors: (a) the nature of the structured, individualized activities comprising the course of study, (b) the time normally required to complete those activities, and (c) the extent to which the lawyer's educational effort in this course is evaluated by the sponsor.

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Supreme Court Rules Table of Contents