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Educational Resources - On the Road 2007 (Bow High School)

The  Supreme Court's ninth "On the Road" was hosted at Bow High School School, October 25, 2007. In addition to Bow, the schools participating are: Concord; Bedford; Merrimack; Hopkinton; Plymouth Regional; Pembroke Academy; Kearsarge Regional; Merrimack Valley; Bishop Brady; John Stark and Parker Academy.

Students ask questions in auditorium at Bow High School.


Justice Carol Ann Conboy welcomes students.


Chief Justice John T. Broderick Jr. (center) answers a question from the student audience. (L-r) Associate Justice Richard Galway; Senior Associate Linda S. Dalianis; Associate Justice James E. Duggan; Associate Justice Gary E. Hicks.


Attorney James Tenn (l) and member of student audience


Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey S. Cahill and appellate defender Theodore Lothstein take questions from students


Attorney Richard Uchida and member of student audience at microphone


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