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Educational Resources - Fast Facts about the NH Law Library
  • Open to everyone, they can come here too.
  • Only public law library in the state of New Hampshire
  • Covers 3 floors and goes all the way under the courtroom where they
    were before
  • 100,000 books
  • No video games, or science fiction or mystery stories; the WHOLE collection is about the law
  • We have laws from every single state in the country and all the
    federal laws too
  • Our oldest book is the 1678 edition of English laws.
    • The book is in my office on the display stand. You can put it out
      on the table. They can carefully! touch it
    • Point out the Pirates and robbers statute on page 452
    • Have them decipher the Roman numerals on the title page (1678) to figure out how old the book is. (329 years old)
  • Public access computers
  • Free wireless
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