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Guided tours of the Supreme Court building for 4th grade students are conducted each Friday during the school year. The "Video Tour of the Court System" and worksheets for students to use with the video were produced as part of the school tour program. To schedule a tour, contact the Public Information Office at

Here is some helpful information teachers can use before bringing their students to the New Hampshire Supreme Court:


"Behind the Scenes at the Supreme Court" produced by New Hampshire Public Television and read about the Court System at

Watch the Supreme Court in a
videoconference with students
from around the state

Teacher Resources:

Below are links to other sites that contain a wealth of information about state court systems, the federal court system, the bar association, and other legal resources. Several of these sites have educational activities geared for students, generally appropriate for students 5th -12th grades. . From the American Bar Association, activities include quizzes on law-related subject, a glossary test and information on law careers. . From the Iowa Judicial Branch, activities include a coloring page, a crossword puzzle and a quiz on the courts. . From the Wisconsin Court System, this page includes an interactive book explaining the court process. For elementary school ages. . This site includes teaching materials about the federal court system for high-school age students.

Field Trips:  The Public Information Office can help arrange a tour for your school to a courthouse in your area. You can watch a trial, visit with a clerk and if time allows, meet our judges. 
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