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Superior Court - Civil Rules - Forms
Form Number
Name of Form
Citation for Publication (PAD) This form is used so plaintiff may publish the citation in the newspaper in order to effectuate service (sample).
Citation for Publication Petition to Quiet Title (PAD) Used after a plaintiff files a petition to quiet title (sample).
Clerks Notice - Case Discontinued (PAD) When service hasn't been made (indicated by lack of Return of Service) (sample).
Disclosure of Discovery Used for Pro Se individuals to send to other side.
Motion to Extend Time-Answer Complaint (PAD) Used when 30 days from service is not enough time to answer.
Motion to Extend Time-Service Used for when 45 days will not be adequate for service.

Notice of Conditional Default-Failure to File Appearance (PAD)

This notice is generated by the Court in a PAD case is when a defendant has been served, has filed an answer, but has not filed an appearance (sample).

Notice of District Court Transfer (PAD) This notice is generated by the Court in a PAD case when the District Court sends us either a landlord-tenant action, a small claim, or a civil writ. It informs the parties that not only do we have the case but that they need to file a PAD approved stipulated structuring conference form. (sample)


Notice of Rejected Writ/Complaint-Failure to Pay Filing Fee (PAD) Used when Writ or Complaint filed but no fee filed at all (sample).
Notice of Rejected Writ-Served (PAD) When writ filed after 10/1 that has been served on defendant (sample).
Notice of Reject Writ-Unserved (PAD) When Writ filed after 10/1 that has not been served on defendant (sample).
Notice of Telephonic Structuring Conference (PAD) When STC isn't filed within 20 days (sample).
Order of Notice on Complaint (PAD) Returned to plaintiff for service on defendant (sample).
Order of Notice on Complaint Ex Parte (PAD) Used when ex parte order has been made and hearing set - Run off the hearing itself (sample).
Order of Notice on Complaint Temporary Hearing Scheduled (PAD) This notice is generated by the Court when a complaint is filed (sample).
Order of Notice Complaint Ex Parte Attachment Made (PAD) This form is used after the plaintiff has filed a complaint with a petition to attach ex parte and it has been granted by the court (sample).
Order of Notice Motion to Add Defendant (PAD) Used after a plaintiff files a motion to add another defendant to the case (sample).
Order to Dismiss (PAD) When complaint not filed after notice sent (sample).
Petition to Attach with Notice (PAD) An incoming form that litigants may use to request that the Court issue an Attachment, typically on real estate or bank accounts, in order to secure that the litigant will be paid if damages are awarded.
Petition for Ex Parte Attachment Form is used by plaintiff or petitioner to request an attachment against the other party without prior notice to that party.
Pro Se Complaint (PAD) Simple form for use by pro se.
Structuring and ADR Order (PAD)

This form is used by either defendant or plaintiff in a PAD case.


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