Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Supreme Court
Cases Accepted - May 2000

	   * denotes appealing parties
LD-99-002 In the Matter of Paul R. Cox*
          (professional conduct committee)
          Jack B. Middleton
          Scott H. Harris
          Charles E. Dibble
          Rodney L. Stark
          Professional conduct, reprimand - whether Professional
          Conduct Rule 1.4 or 1.15 requires attorney to
          relinquish closed files to former client; whether
          attorney who relies on his own attorney's advice is
          subject to reprimand; whether Rule 1.15 or Rule 1.16
          controls access to closed files; whether notice
          constitutionally adequate; whether deciding document
          production issue without hearing evidence was error;
          whether violations supported with clear and convincing
          evidence; whether proceedings should have been stayed
          pending appeal to supreme court