Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Supreme Court
Cases Accepted - November 2000

	 * denotes appealing parties

00-005    State of NH         v.   Osborne,* William F.
          Attorney General         Erland C.L. McLetchie

          Burglary, unsworn falsification, false report to law
          enforcement officer - failure to dismiss charges of
          false report to law enforcement officer and unsworn
          falsification; exclusion of impeachment evidence

00-162    Metropolitan Life   v.   Vetrone,* Peter, Paul
          Insurance Company        Breault, William Smart,
          Blake Sutton             David A. Kutcher d/b/a
          Michael F.X. Dolan, Jr.  DAK Financial Group,
                                   Kristen Howard Corp.
                                   Andrew D. Dunn
                                   Margaret A. O'Brien

          Conversion, interference with contractual relations,
          negligent hiring and supervision, Consumer Protection
          Act, Trade Secrets Act - numerous issues including
          scope of Consumer Protection Act; whether Trade Secrets
          Act is exclusive remedy for misappropriation of
          confidential corporate information; whether identify of
          every policy holder and prospect contacted by insurance
          company is a trade secret; whether trade secrets are
          chattel; erronous jury instructions on damages; whether
          offset to damages applies before or after damages are
          doubled under Consumer Protection Act; sufficency of
          evidence; reasonableness of noncompetition agreement

00-183    John A. Cookson Company* v.   N.H. Ball Bearings, Inc.,
          Jeffrey B. Osburn             NMB Corporation
          Thomas J. Pappas              Michael C. Harvell
                                        Michael J. Lambert

          Breach of contract, negligence, post-termination
          commissions - arbitration award; whether RSA chapter
          339-E applies to corporations; failure of arbiter to
          include interest; failure to award damages resulting
          from defendants' tortious conduct and improper
          reduction of damages; whether court erred in requiring
          arbitration of tort and statutory claims 

00-406    State of NH         v.   Foss,* Ralph Michael
          Attorney General         James E. Duggan
                                   Caroline L. Smith

          Aggravated felonious sexual assault - numerous issues
          including consolidation of charges and refusal to
          sever; admission of prior bad acts; admission of
          hearsay; sufficiency of evidence; jury instruction
          regarding corroboration; failure to continue sentencing
          until after retrial on charges upon which jury could
          not agree

00-435    Allen, Gordon,*     v.   State of NH
          Keith Boatright          Attorney General
          Barbara Carlson,                                       
          James Coffey, Gordon                                   
          Hale, Marcia Ober,
          Nathaniel Ober, Benjamin
          Pratt, Twila Tenney
          William C. Saturley      

          School funding - cooperative school districts; which of
          the cooperative school district and the pre-existing
          districts is the "taxing district" for taxes assessed
          to pay for educational services in the cooperative
          school district beyond those paid for using State
          funds; interlocutory transfer without ruling

00-439    In re William S.*
          James E. Duggan
          Dennis R. O'Connor
          Attorney General

          Felonious sexual assault, criminal threatening - habeas
          corpus; whether due process violated in case involving
          extended jurisdiction over a juvenile by imposition of
          deferred sentence without certain conditions; whether
          due process violated by dispositional order imposing
          adult probation conditions without specifying a fixed
          period of probation

00-459    In re Erik M.*
          James E. Duggan
          Gary Apfel
          Attorney General

          Negligent homicide - certification of juvenile to stand
          trial as adult; whether superior court erred in
          accepting certification absent written statement of
          findings and reasons for transfer; whether
          certification is appropriate when State cannot prove
          underlying charge; whether court erred by canceling
          evidentiary hearing on motion to accept certification

00-577    Sult, Timothy       v.   DiGregorio,* Christine, 
          pro se                   John Simpson
                                   Brian Shaughnessy

          Landlord-tenant - eviction; whether court erred by
          entering monetary judgment when plaintiff did not
          request one; failure of plaintiff to comply with
          procedural requirements for summary possession action;
          whether court erred by entering judgment on landlord-
          tenant writ that was issued prior to expiration of
          notice to quit; whether eviction action for late
          payment of rent violated RSA 540:9

00-653    CIGNA HealthCare, Inc. f/k/a Healthsource New
          Inc.,* Petition of
          Kevin M. Fitzgerald
          Arpiar G. Saunders, Jr.
          Ovide M. Lamontagne
          William E. Brennan

          Contracts for healthcare services - mandamus and
          prohibition; failure of probate court to rule on
          whether it lacks subject matter jurisdiction; issuance
          of injunction preventing exercise of contractual right
          of set-off; failure of court to compel arbitration;
          probate court order compelling withdrawal of motion in
          superior court seeking arbitration