Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Supreme Court
Cases Accepted February 2004


03-0698 Mirvat Osman* v. Gary A. Gagnon d/b/a Floors & More
Randall E. Wilbert Janine N. Gawryl
Northern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court
Breach of contract, negligence, misrepresentation, quantum meruit, Consumer Protection Act -- application of doctrine of res judicata; whether litigation brought against agent compels principal to file counterclaim; award of attorney's fees
03-0701 Yvonne Marikar, Individually, and as Owner/Director of the Nashua Montessori School* v. Peerless Insurance Co.
Harry M. Haytayan, Jr. John P. Sherman
Danielle L. Pacik
Southern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court
Liability insurance coverage -- whether court erred on summary judgment motion in determining that underlying claim is for intentional acts rather than negligence; failure to construe pleadings, discovery and affidavits in light most favorable to non-moving party; whether intentional use of unconventional means or methods of teaching, causing unintended harm, are intentional acts under insurance policy
03-0723 Gabriel Nizetic v. Auto Serve & G. S. Management Corp.*
Deborah R. Reynolds John F. Bisson
John G. Cronin
Plymouth District Court
Consumer Protection Act -- auto repairs, inspection services; whether defendant's actions rise to the level of rascality that would raise an eyebrow of someone inured to the rough and tumble world of commerce; failure of plaintiff to prove actual injury; whether court erred in awarding damages and attorney's fees
03-0727 Boston and Maine Corporation* v. Sprague Energy Corporation
R. Matthew Cairns Thomas J. Pappas
Rockingham County Superior Court
Injunction -- railroad crossing; whether "suitable crossings and other facilities" as used in RSA 373:1 includes high pressure petroleum pipelines; whether statute benefits party whose land was not divided by railroad until party acquired property on other side of railroad; whether RSA 373:1 effectuates improper exercise of eminent domain authority by a private entity; cross-appeal -- whether claims regarding removal of railroad track are governed by 3-year or 20-year statute of limitations; whether underground pipelines constituted unreasonable use and exceeded scope of easement granted in 1873 for a grade crossing
03-0753 Darren Starr* v. Commissioner, NH Department of Corrections
Darren Star, pro se Attorney General
Merrimack County Superior Court
Declaratory judgment; permanent injunction -- whether department of corrections must comply with RSA chapter 541-A; whether RSA 622:7, III requires provision of specific educational programs; whether trial court erred in dismissing action for lack of standing
03-0754 Patricia Hergenhahn v. Ross Hergenhahn*;
In the Matter of Ross Hergenhahn and Patricia Hergenhahn
Joseph F. Gall, Jr.
Mary L. Roedel
Mr. Ross Hergenhahn, pro se
Southern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court
Contempt, domestic violence -- numerous issues including due process; bias; whether prior order was vague; whether prior order was issued before alleged violations took place; whether Superior Court Rule 195-A was violated; whether court erred by sealing its discussions with children in chambers; award of fees; sufficiency of evidence
03-0767 Christina Lessard v. William R. Trombly, Jr.*
Barbara J. Griffin
Nancy A. DeAngelis
Northern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court
Domestic violence -- sufficiency of evidence; failure to make specific finding that criminal acts committed constituted a credible threat to petitioner's safety
03-0771 RAL Automotive Group, Inc. v. Jay C. Edwards* & a.
William S. Gannon
Jean-Claude N. Sakellarios
Jason M. Craven
Gerard J. Boyle
Robert A. Shaines
Rockingham County Superior Court
Settlement agreement -- whether landlord's attempt to evict tenant terminated tenant's responsibilities under lease agreement; whether trial court impermissably rewrote parties' settlement agreement
03-0779 Holly Berry & a.* v. Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. & a.
Janine N. Gawryl
Marci A. Hamilton
Jeffrey R. Anderson
Cynthia Waldt
Donald E. Gardner
Brian J. S. Cullen
Southern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court
Negligence, deceit, breach of fiduciary duty -- failure to report abuse; whether Jehovah's Witness Elders were required to report child abuse; whether clergy-penitent privilege applies; whether inquiry into or regulation of conduct of defendants would violate Establishment Clause or Free Exercise Clause; cross-appeal -- whether action is time-barred; whether First Amendment applies; whether common law duty applies
03-0792 Nordic Inn Condominium Owners' Association v. Arline A. Ventullo d/b/a Nordic Inn Too & a.*
Gary A. Braun William B. Pribis
Grafton County Superior Court
Trade name -- whether court erred by requiring defendants to relinquish use of name "Nordic Inn Too" and domain name "www.nordicinn.com"; laches; cross-appeal -- whether registration and use of domain name occurred in 1997; whether defendants engaged in bad faith within meaning of 15 U.S.C. 1125(d); whether defendants should pay damages, enhanced damages and attorney's fees to plaintiff; whether defendants violated RSA chapter 358-A
03-0795 State of NH v. Joseph Sawtell*
Attorney General Thomas J. Gleason
Rockingham County Superior Court
First degree murder -- admission of prior bad acts evidence
03-0803 Bradford Excavating, Inc. v. Maxine Hill*
Maxine Hill Mendes, pro se
New London District Court
Contracts -- whether court erred by ordering defendant to pay under contract for services performed in violation of state law; failure to offset amount due under contract by expenses incurred to correct illegal activity and properly dispose of solid waste
03-0804 State of NH v. James Moran d/b/a Exterior Solutions*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Sullivan County Superior Court
Unfair or deceptive business practices -- whether Consumer Protection Act applies to acts not particularized in the statute; sufficiency of evidence
03-0807 Mansfield Adams, Jr. v. Woodlands of Nashua*
Mansfield Adams, Jr., pro se
John G. Cronin
Nashua District Court
Landlord-tenant -- roach infestation; whether landlord breached the warranty of quiet enjoyment subjecting landlord to statutory damages under RSA 540-A:4, IX
03-0808 State of NH v. David N. Matthews*
Attorney General Stephen T. Jeffco
Strafford County Superior Court
Driving while intoxicated, subsequent offense -- admission of post-arrest field sobriety testing into evidence in violation of RSA 265:87; whether arrest was based on probable cause
03-0811 In the Matter of Boris J. Lvin* and Irina Y. Yudanova
Robert G. Eaton
Mark S. Moeller
R. Peter Taylor
for Irina Y. Yudanova
Family Division at Brentwood
Divorce -- whether court erred by incorporating "permanent stipulation" into divorce decree where stipulation was not signed before time for acceptance had expired; denial of motion for default after respondent failed to answer interrogatories and failed to file Rule 197 financial affidavit
03-0815 Irene Mills v. Get-A-Pet, Inc.*
Irene Mills, pro se
Manchester District Court
Breach of warranty -- retail pet store; failure of court to enforce terms of limited warranty; excessive damages
03-0818 In the Matter of Ellin Morin and Robert Morin, Jr.*
Brian G. Germaine
Joann N. Samson
for Robert Morin, Jr.
Family Division at Derry
Domestic violence -- failure of court to make required findings; adequacy of hearing
03-0821 State of NH v. Kendall M. Watson*
Attorney General Christopher W. Johnson
Northern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court
Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute -- whether continued detention of defendant after passing field sobriety tests was proper; whether search of defendant was proper; whether defendant consented to search of hotel room
03-0826 J. Daniel Linehan, High Sheriff* v. Rockingham County Commissioners
Eugene M. Van Loan, III Christopher N. Cole
Elizabeth A. Bailey
Northern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court
Declaratory judgment -- whether sheriff or county commissioners has the power to hire and fire non-deputy personnel and to set personnel policies; whether county commissioners have authority to make line item transfers within sheriff's budget and to freeze spending; whether county commissioners have power to set standards for purchase of non-law enforcement equipment
03-0829 In re Estate of J. Douglas King*
Robert R. Howard, III for Joseph N. King
Andrew W. Serell
for Rebecca King Felmet, Rachel King and Jason King
Charles A. Degrandpre
for Executrix, Laurel King*
Hillsborough County Probate Court
Revocation of will -- whether executrix failed to rebut presumption that will had been destroyed
03-0830 Hank LeTarte* v. West Side Development Group, LLC
Marshall D. Hickok Ralph N. Suozzo
William J. Edwards
Carroll County Superior Court
Breach of contract -- landscaping services; ripeness; whether NH follows Restatement (Second) of Contracts section 253 (effect of repudiation as a breach of other parties' duties); failure to award equitable remedies; cross-appeal -- award of attorney's fees
03-0833 State of NH v. Robert C. Libby, III*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Merrimack County Superior Court
Second degree assault -- whether statement given to police was obtained involuntarily
03-0834 Craig Krigsman* v. Progressive Northern Insurance Company
David E. Lefevre Gordon A. Rehnborg, Jr.
Belknap County Superior Court
Insurance coverage -- automobile insurance; whether insured breached his duty to cooperate with insurance company
03-0839 State of New Hampshire v. Joshua Manning*
Attorney General Philip R. Desfosses
Rockingham County Superior Court
Burglary, theft by unauthorized taking, felon in possession of firearm -- whether police had sufficient articulable suspicion for motor vehicle stop; failure of trial court to impose two sentences arising out of same conduct concurrently with each other
03-0840 Electrograph Systems, Inc.* v. Harbor Capital Corp.
Roy N. Weddleton Daniel C. Hoefle
Karen W. Oliver
Hampton District Court
Judgment -- whether court erred by changing a hearing on a motion to quash subpoena into a payment hearing without notice; ordering monthly payments over plaintiff's objection; denying plaintiff opportunity to depose defendant; reliance upon hastily-prepared financial affidavit of an individual when defendant is a corporation
04-0004 State of NH v. Michael Amirault*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Rockingham County Superior Court
Post Conviction
04-0006 Paula J. Stephen-Giles v. Frank Campbell, Jr.*
Paula J. Stephen-Giles,
pro se
Frank Campbell, pro se
Concord District Court
Domestic Violence
04-0015 State of NH v. Richard R. Bolduc*
Attorney General David H. Bownes
Belknap County Superior Court
Post conviction-Probation
04-0025 Mark DeWyngaerdt d/b/a Superior Tree Service & a. v. Bean Insurance Agency, Inc.
Peter Engel* v. Mark DeWyngaerdt d/b/a Superior Tree Service
Robert A. Shaines Andrew D. Dunn
Rockingham County Superior Court
Contract dispute; Tort
04-0026 Claudette Bean* v. Red Oak Property Management, Inc.
Claudette Bean, pro se
Manchester District Court
Landlord Tenant
04-0039 State of NH v. Theth Kim*
Attorney General Christopher W. Johnson
Merrimack County Superior Court
Criminal Conviction - kidnapping and endangering the welfare of a minor
04-0042 Tiki Trust, Richard Parker, Trustee* v. Dandi-Lyons Franchise Corporation & a.
Mark F. Sullivan David W. Carr
Rockingham County Superior Court
04-0043 Lincoln Chadwell* v. Lincoln C. Chadwell
Bryan W. Clickner Andrew Meyer
Rockingham Probate Court
Real estate dispute
04-0045 State of NH v. Bruce Blomquist*
Attorney General David M. Rothstein
Carroll County Superior Court
Criminal Conviction-First degree assault, Burglary, Attempted Murder
04-0046 Sondra Murray* v. Tak Sang Lau & a.
Christopher J. Seufert Irvin D. Gordon
Grafton County Superior Court
Civil suit
04-0048 In re Estate of Normand A. Beaudet
Vera B. Buck for Roland D. Beaudet, Sr.
Michael J. Bolduc
for Wilfred E. Beaudet*
Robert E. Fisher
for Doris Theresa Langlois*
Strafford County Probate Court
Will dispute
04-0049 In the Matter of Michael A. Costa and Karen T. Costa*
Karen T. Costa, pro se
Debra G. Zuk for Michael A. Costa
Coos County Superior Court
04-0050 Progressive Northern Insurance Company* v. Concord General Mutual Insurance Company & a.
John A. Lassey Gordon A. Rehnborg, Jr.
Jeremy Heath, pro se
Lara J. Saffo for Gary Collins
Cristina L. Brown, pro se
Grafton County Superior Court
Auto Insurance
04-0051 State of NH v. Timothy Benoit*
Attorney General Timothy Benoit, pro se
Rochester District Court
Criminal Conviction - motor vehicle
04-0052 Richard Benson, MD & a.* v. New Hampshire Insurance Guaranty Association & a.
Michael G. Gfroerer Joseph C. Tanski
W. Scott O'Connell
Mark D. Robins
W. Scott O'Connell
Merrimack County Superior Court
Declaratory judgment action
04-0054 Mark Poland & a. v. Paul J. Twomey & a.
Mark Poland, pro se
Georgette Poland, pro se
Charles Dibble
Andrew D. Dunn
Kevin G. Collimore
Merrimack County Superior Court
04-0057 Ossipee Realty Corporation dba Ossipee Lake Marina* v. Town of Freedom Zoning Board of Adjustment
Ossipee Realty Corporation dba Ossipee Lake Marina v. Town of Freedom
Kathleen M. Guckert, Trustee Guckert NH Realty Trust v. Town of Freedom & a.
Charles Depew & a. v. Town of Freedom & a.
Randall F. Cooper for Ossipee Realty Corporation
Fay E. Melendy for Kathleen M. Guckert
Glen E. Graper for Charles Depew & a.
Peter J. Malia, Jr.
Carroll County Superior Court
Municipal regulation
04-0061 Donald R. Routhier* v. City of Somersworth & a.
Charles A. Burrows, D.D.S. v. City of Somersworth
Donald R. Routhier, pro se
William L. Tanguay for Charles A. Burrows
Brian R. Barrington
Strafford County Superior Court
Municipal Regulation
04-0063 In the Matter of Lawrence D. Broyer* and Laurie A. Broyer
Lawrence Broyer, pro se
William A. Theroux, Jr.
for Laurie A. Broyer
Family Division at Brentwood
04-0064 Debbie Richard* & a. v. Pembroke School District
Kathleen N. Mulcahey-Hampson
Corey M. Belobrow
Merrimack County Superior Court
Personal injury, claim against governmental entity
04-0066 Michael Harris* v. Parlee Lumber Company, Inc.
Michael Harris, pro se
Laconia District Court
Contract Dispute
04-0069 Peter Paul Mitrano* v. Matthan Houser & a.
Peter P. Mitrano, pro se Bradford T. Atwood
Grafton County Superior Court
04-0072 Dana Anderson/Four Brothers Plus One v. Toni McClanahan*
Dana Anderson, pro se Toni McClanahan, pro se
Hampton District Court
Landlord-tenant - Eviction
04-0075 Frank N. Hurt, Trustee of Fehr-Forbes Trust* v. Employers Mutual Casualty Company & a.
James F. Lafrance Robert G. Whaland
David W. Johnston
Belknap County Superior Court
Homeowners insurance
04-0077 In the Matter of Steve A. Kalaitzidis* and Malamati Kalaitzidis
Steve A. Kalaitzidis, pro se
Malamati Kalaitzidis, pro se
Southern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court
04-0079 Winnisquam Regional School District v. Daniel J. Levine & a.
Winnisquam Regional School District v. Butler Manufacturing Company & a.
Andrew D. Dunn R. James Steiner for Dutton & Garfield, Inc.*
Thomas J. Pappas
for Butler Manufacturing Company
Belknap County Superior Court
Tort; contract dispute
04-0080 In the Matter of Thomas F. DeSteph* and Tracy A. DeSteph
Thomas F. DeSteph, pro se
John J. Cronin, III for Tracy A. DeSteph
Northern District of Hillsborough County Superior Court
04-0083 Don Seymour v. Brian Hudson*
Don Seymour, pro se
Brian Hudson, pro se
Rochester District Court
Small claim
04-0084 Stratham Excavators, Inc. v. Thomas Christie*
Craig N. Salomon Thomas Christie, pro se
Plaistow District Court
Contract Dispute
04-0085 Cary Silverstein* v. Chief of Police, Town of Alexandria & a.
Penny S. Dean Christopher L. Boldt
Grafton County Superior Court
Claim against governmental entity
04-0086 Owl Rental Properties, Inc. v. Robert Whaland & a.
Fred K Mayer, III Robert Wayland, pro se
Robert Elliot*, pro se
Nashua District Court
Landlord Tenant