Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Supreme Court
Cases Accepted January 2004


03-0490 Accurate Roofing & Construction, Inc. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company* & a.
Edward B. Mulligan, IV John B. Schulte
James G. Walker
Rockingham Superior Court
Workers' compensation insurance coverage -- whether independent insurance agent had apparent authority to bind insurance company to a workers' compensation policy with employer
03-0670 State of NH v. Lucille Huot Sanchez*
Attorney General Bruce E. Kenna
Northern District of Hillsborough County
First degree murder -- limitation on cross-examination; failure to give jury nullification instruction to jury; double jeopardy
03-0700 Terry T. Thomas v. Telegraph Publishing Co. d/b/a The Telegraph & a.
Terry T. Thomas, pro se Richard C. Gagliuso
Courtney J. Merrill
Donald E. Gardner
Michael S. McGrath
Catherine M. Costanzo
John A. Curran
Southern District of Hillsborough County
Personal jurisdiction -- defamation; whether court erred in finding personal jurisdiction over Massachusetts police officers who were called and quoted by a NH reporter; co-appeal -- whether trial court erred in ruling it had personal jurisdiction over Massachusetts professor; interlocutory appeal -- denial of motion to amend writ to add claims for false-light invasion of privacy
03-0743 In the Matter of Linda Vickery and Gary Vickery*
Lynn E. Aaby J. Campbell Harvey
Family Division at Brentwood
Post-divorce proceedings -- whether husband has ability to pay alimony ordered; failure to terminate or modify alimony; failure of court to explain factual basis for decision
03-0747 Daniel R. Post v. Brentwood Power Equipment*
Thea S. Valvanis Jonathan M. Flagg
Exeter District Court
Small claims -- sale of tractor; sufficiency of evidence of damages awarded
03-0757 Petition of the State of New Hampshire*
Attorney General
Sven D. Wiberg
Strafford Superior Court
Sentence suspension -- whether court acted without statutory authority by granting motion to suspend sentence in violation of RSA 651:20
03-0772 Michael Saviano* v. Director, NH Division of Motor Vechicles
Mark Stevens Attorney General
Rockingham Superior Court
Administrative license suspension -- whether implied consent statute applies upon arrest for any crime; violation of due process where ALS form read to defendant was inaccurate and officer told defendant that breath test was unofficial; whether administration of "preliminary breath test" before DWI arrest prejudiced defendant's ability to make voluntary decision whether to submit to another breath test after his arrest
03-0774 State of NH v. Christopher Rogan*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Barbara Keshen
Belknap Superior Court
Aggravated felonious sexual assault -- denial of mistrial after opening statement; admission of lay opinion about propriety of conduct between defendant and victim; admission of entire taped interview of victim to "rehabilitate" investigating officer; sufficiency of evidence
03-0778 In the Matter of Susan E. Sayers and Gerald H. Sayers, Jr.*
John J. Coffey
James T. Rodier
Family Division at Portsmouth
Post-divorce proceedings -- contempt; whether court erred in finding respondent in contempt for failing to make payments; failure to order petitioner to make payment to respondent; dismissal of charge that petitioner did not comply with obligation to consult regarding change of children's schools
03-0783 In the Matter of Betty J. Conkey and Art C. Conkey, Jr.*
Howard A. Roever
Stanley H. Robinson
Merrimack County Superior Court
Post-divorce proceedings -- whether court erred by enforcing agreement waiving child support; failure to apply child support guidelines without making specific finding that application of guidelines would be unfair or unjust; sufficiency of evidence
03-0784 Edward Bush v. Russell Bell* and Suzanne Bell
Edward Bush, pro se Russell Bell, pro se
Suzanne Bell, pro se
Nashua District Court
Landlord-tenant -- sufficiency of evidence of unauthorized entries by landlord; whether Fire Marshall is authorized to demand entry to inspect dwelling
03-0787 In the Matter of Kathleen A. Bird and Doyle K. Bird*
Leah N. Sullivan
John A. Macoul
Family Division at Salem
Post-divorce proceedings -- whether court erred by modifying respondent's contribution to college expenses and modifying the divorce decree relative to the tax exemption for the child
03-0790 Richard L. Mailloux v. Town of Londonderry* and Robert O. Saulnier
Todd N. Hathaway Barton L. Mayer
Robert O. Saulnier, pro se
Rockingham Superior Court
Hazardous waste -- whether award of damages was excessive; whether town is liable for intentional acts of former property owner; laches; doctrine of avoidable consequences; whether town was a "qualified holder" and exempt from liability under RSA chapter 147-B
03-0791 The Towns of Acworth, Alstead and Langdon* v. Fall Mountain Regional School District
David H. Bradley Edward M. Kaplan
Sullivan Superior Court
Cooperative school district -- apportionment among towns; whether apportionment scheme for operating and capital expenses violates cooperative school district law; unlawful delegation of power reserved to the voters; whether annual review process in scheme violates five-year "lock-up" in RSA 195:18, III(i)
03-0835 State of NH v. Allen L. Nadler*
Attorney General Lawrence A. Vogelman
Grafton Superior Court
Unnatural and lascivious acts -- whether RSA 603:1(1955) tolled statute of limitations since defendant was not a "party charged" with an offense when he left NH in 1967; whether 36-year delay between alleged offense and indictment violates due process; whether RSA 603:1 is unconstitutional as applied; interlocutory appeal
04-0001 In the Matter of Michael A. Nadeau and Beverly J. Nadeau*
Michael A. Nadeau, pro se
Jared O’Connor
Southern District of Hillsborough County
Post-Divorce Proceedings
04-0005 Petition of Charles R. Beauregard, Jr., Robert A. Beauregard, and Francis Faulkner, Jr.*
Beth R. Fernald
Joseph S. Hoppock
William N. Prigge
Cheshire Superior Court
Real Estate Dispute
04-0007 Bates Mechanical, Inc. v. Neagley & Chase Construction Co.* and Upper Valley Supportive Housing Limited Partnership, Trustee
William K. Koppenheffer Stephen J. Soule
Grafton Superior Court
Contract Dispute
04-0008 In re Juvenile 2004-0008
Milford District Court
Case is confidential under RSA chapter 169-B
04-0009 In the Matter of Helene A. Baroody and Christopher Baroody*
Gregory J. Ahlgren
Scott F. Innes
Alan I. Cantor
Northern District of Hillsborough County
04-0010 In re Estate of Emanuel Gavriles
Evelyn Scott* v. Anastasios Coroneos
John P. McGee, Jr. for Estate and Anastasios Coroneos
Nicholas R. Aeschliman for Evelyn Scott
Rockingham Probate Court

Wills and Estates

04-0011 State of NH v. John Beauchesne*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Katherine Cooper
Rockingham Superior Court
Criminal Conviction – possession of a controlled drug
04-0012 State of NH v. Joseph Billcliff*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Katherine Cooper
Rockingham Superior Court
Criminal Conviction - conspiracy to commit arson; accomplice to arson
04-0013 Robert Engelhardt* and Cynthia Engelhardt v. Clark Mortensen Insurance Agency and Earle Spofford
Peter E. Hutchins Russell F. Hilliard
Cheshire Superior Court
Auto Insurance
04-0014 John E. Swett* v. Jean Servello & a.
John E. Swett, pro se Eric A. Kane
Rockingham Superior Court
04-0016 In the Matter of Catherine J. Carlton and Randolph M. Carlton, Sr.*
Thomas K. MacMillan
Randolph M. Carlton, pro se
Family Division at Brentwood
04-0017 Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire v. HealthTrust, Inc.*
Glenn R. Milner Christopher H. Carter
Robert J. Lloyd
Rockingham Superior Court
04-0018 Joan M. Smart, Executrix
& a.
v. American Welding and Tank Company, Inc. & a.
Alexander M. Lachiatto David J. Killkelley for Thom’s Transport Company, Inc.*
W. S. O'Connell
Vivian M. Quinn
Grafton Superior Court
Personal Injury, Insurance
04-0019 Jonathan A. Parker and Megan F. Parker v. William F. Hopkins, Jr.*
Gary M. Burt
Donald C. Crandlemire
Michael J. Bolduc
Strafford Superior Court
Contract Dispute
04-0020 Concord General Mutual Insurance Co.* as Subrogee of David and Patricia Beffa-Negrini v. Peter White & a.
Doreen F. Connor
Gail E. Bakis
Richard E. Mills
John A. Curran
Lawrence B. Gormley
Cheshire Superior Court
Homeowner’s Insurance
04-0021 In the Matter of Ann-Marie Gagnon* and James Roger Gagnon
Ann-Marie (Gagnon) Tracy, pro se
James B. Hobbs
Southern District of Hillsborough County
Post-Divorce Proceedings
04-0022 In re Juvenile 2004-0022
Merrimack District Court
Case is confidential under RSA chapter 169-B
04-0023 Gordonville Corporation N.V. v. LR1-A Limited Partnership*
Robert C. Wunder
Robert N. Zimmermann
William B. Pribis
David W. Rayment
Carroll Superior Court
04-0027 Robert P. Trabucchi* & a. v. Town of New London
Michael J. Iacopino Steven E. Hengen
Merrimack County Superior Court
Personal Injury
04-0028 Steven Rodrick* v. Pinkerton Academy
Charles W. Grau Linda S. Johnson
Rockingham Superior Court
Employment Dispute
04-0030 In re Elyjahdae Julien Lamy
Kathleen N. Goulet Christine L McGurrahan*
Benjamin L Lamy
Hillsborough Probate Court
Guardianship of a Minor
04-0031 State of NH v. Michael Smith*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Sven D. Wiberg
Rockingham Superior Court
Criminal Conviction – felonious sexual assault
04-0032 Susan Peredna Traina* v. Ronald Peredna & a.
Daniel R. Hartley Charles R. Powell, III
Thomas N. Morgan
Rockingham Superior Court
Real Estate Dispute
04-0036 Joseph W. Sandford, Jr.* v. Town of Wolfeboro
C. Kevin Leonard Mark H. Puffer
Carroll Superior Court