Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Supreme Court
Cases Accepted July 2004

04-0204 Amanda L. Monmaney v. Michael Harris*
Amanda L. Monmaney, pro se
Michael Harris, pro se
Belknap County Superior Court
04-0281 In re Juvenile 2004-0281
Case is confidential under RSA chapter 170-C
04-0302 Appeal of NH Department of Transportation*
Attorney General
Mark H. Puffer

NH Transportation Appeals Board
Driveway permit
04-0320 Petition of State of New Hampshire*
Attorney General
Appellate Defender
Rockingham County Superior Court
Post-conviction – sentencing of life without parole under RSA 632-A:10-a, III
04-0330 State of NH v. James Collins*
Attorney General James Collins, pro se
Auburn District Court
Criminal conviction -- simple assault
04-0351 David Eustis* & a. v. Glen Falls Insurance Company
David Eustis, pro se
Janice Eustis, pro se
Jeffrey H. Karlin
Strafford County Superior Court
Homeowner's insurance
04-0390 Stewart Property Management, Inc.* v. Beverly Day
Earl S. Carrel
Ellen Purcell
Beverly Day, pro se
Laconia District Court
Landlord-tenant -- eviction
04-0392 Robert A. Schwartz v. Kathryn Godek*
R. Peter Decato Robert I. Morgan
Sullivan County Superior Court
Equity, real estate dispute
04-0397 DHB, Inc.* v. Town of Pembroke & a.
Gregory E. Michael Robert Upton, II
Merrimack County Superior Court
Subdivision application
04-0398 Richard Maynard & a. v. Robert Rice*
Joceline D. Champagne Dorothy F. Silver
Manchester District Court
Damages under RSA chapter 540-A
04-0402 State of NH* v. Roland MacMillan
Attorney General Philip R. Desfosses
Rockingham County Superior Court
Criminal – admissibility of on-line computer conversation
04-0406 State of NH v. Dominic Rolando*
Stephen D. Fuller Joshua L. Gordon
Rockingham County Superior Court
Criminal conviction -- negligent homicide
04-0407 State of NH v. Charles Carr*
Attorney General Paul J. Haley
Belknap County Superior Court
Criminal – return of bail posted
04-0411 Margaret Watkins & a. v. Town of Dunbarton & a.
Rocco DiPietro & Brian Hardwick, intervenors*
Carolyn W. Baldwin William G. Scott
Stephen A. Duggan
Lisa A. Wellman-Ally
Merrimack County Superior Court
Municipal regulation
04-0412 Laura K. Aiken* v. Town of Unity
Lisa A. Wellman-Ally Andrew D. Dunn
Daniel G. Smith
Sullivan County Superior Court
Personal injury
04-0413 In the Matter of Kim C. Farley and William D. Farley*
Silas Little, III
Lisa A. Wellman-Ally
Cheshire County Superior Court
Post-divorce proceedings
04-0417 State of NH v. Rong Yao*
Attorney General Rong Yao, pro se
Derry District Court
Criminal conviction -- failure to stop at traffic light
04-0420 Charles G. Constance* & a. v. Robert E. Fisher & a.
William G. Scott Rodney L. Stark
Strafford County Superior Court
Legal malpractice – statute of limitations
04-0422 Derek O'Donnell & a. v. HCA Health Services of New Hampshire, Inc. d/b/a Parkland Medical Center* & a.
John P. Flynn III
Paul A. Maggiotto
Marc R. Scheer
Todd N. Hathaway
Rockingham County Superior Court
Medical malpractice
04-0424 In re Juvenile 2004-0424
Case is confidential under RSA chapter 170-B
04-0426 State of NH v. Michael Rezk*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Rockingham County Superior Court
Criminal conviction -- Theft by receiving stolen property; felon in possession of a dangerous weapon
04-0429 Gina Sharpe v. David Sharpe*
Elaine L. Baillargeon Michael Bedard
Belknap County Superior Court
Domestic - violation of restraining order
04-0431 Paul Wallace v. Christopher Clarke* & a.
Thomas W. Cowie Kenneth P. Anderson
Plymouth District Court
04-0432 State of NH v. Ralph Palumbo*
Attorney General Joachim H. Barth
Strafford County Superior Court
Criminal conviction -- convicted felon
04-0436 Bonnette & Picard, LLC
The WSMN Corp. f/k/a 1590 Broadcasting Corp.
Red Rock Publishing, Inc.*
Red Rock Publishing, Inc.
Arthur O. Gormley, III
Wayne M. Connor
David S. Brown
Nashua District Court
04-0438 Gordon R. Blakeney* & a. v. City of Concord & a.
Gordon R. Blakeney, Jr.
E. Tupper Kinder
Merrimack County Superior Court
04-0439 Bedford Chapter - Citizens for a Sound Economy* & a. v. School Administrative Unit #25 & a.
Daniel P. Schwartz Eugene M. Van Loan, III
Hillsborough County Superior Court North
Declaratory judgment; writ of mandamus – warrant article
04-0440 In the Matter of Debbie A. Watkins and Scott W. Watkins*
Elaine M. Kennedy
Scott W. Watkins, pro se
Family Division at Brentwood
Post-divorce proceedings
04-0441 Deborah Corbett f/k/a Deborah Rutter v. Michael Dube* d/b/a Autosave
John M. Clothier Michael Dube, pro se
District Court for Southern Carroll County
Contract dispute
04-0442 State of NH v. Donald S. McGill*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Merrimack County Superior Court
Criminal conviction - first degree assault
04-0443 Rene R. Smagula* v. Town of Hooksett
Nancy B. Winneg, pursuant to Rule 33
Barton L. Mayer
Merrimack County Superior Court
Municipal regulation
04-0444 Kelly Bertholdt v. Travelers Indemnity Company*
Nancy A. DeAngelis John A. Curran
Naomi L. Mooney
Hillsborough County Superior Court North
Auto insurance
04-0445 Town of Kensington v. Chao-Cheng Teng*
Scott W. Lapointe Chao-Cheng Teng, pro se
Exeter District Court
04-0447 Merrimack Valley Wood Products, Inc.* & a. v. Glen Near
Jennifer L. Parent
Thomas J. Donovan
Gordon J. MacDonald
Jamie N. Hage
Rockingham County Superior Court
Restrictive covenant
04-0448 Cranmore Shores Association, Inc. v. Thomas Frye* and Jodie Frye
Dennis L. Morgan Thomas Frye, pro se
Jodie Frye, pro se
District Court for Northern Carroll County
Small claims – condominium association dues
04-0449 Paul Broughton v. Dennis Proulx*
Brian C. Shaughnessy Gary M. Burt
Hillsborough County Superior Court North
Housing code ordinance