Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Supreme Court
Cases Accepted March 2004

03-0578 State of NH v. John Sweeney*
Attorney General Mark L. Sisti
Belknap County Superior Court
Aggravated felonious sexual assault -- numerous issues including failure to appoint substitute counsel; denial of motion to introduce medical records; denial of motion to secure medical tests; denial of motion to strike jurors; improper jury selection procedures; ordering defendant to answer incriminating questions; failure to suppress tapes of telephone intercepts; denial of motion for bill of particulars
03-0777 In the Matter of Muriel D. Vaillancourt and David J. Vaillancourt*
Andrew K. Wilson Barbara J. Griffin
Family Division at Derry
Divorce -- considering parties' conduct as basis for unequal distribution of property and award of alimony when irreconcilable differences was cause of breakdown of marriage; failure to rule upon requests for findings and rulings
04-0040 Advanced Polymers, Inc. v. Saber Machine Design Corp. and Jeffrey M. King
Jack S. White
Joshua L. Gordon
Michael J. Atkins
P. Richard Shahtanian
Patrick E. Donovan
Rockingham County Superior Court
Employment dispute
04-0062 Christopher Crosby* v. Warden, NH State Prison
Michael J. Sheehan Attorney General
Merrimack County Superior Court
Post conviction - Habeas Corpus
04-0082 State of NH v. Jorge Jose Dacosta*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Charles F. O’Leary
Hillsborough County Superior Court (S)
Criminal Conviction - Habitual Offender
04-0090 Donald P. Chisholm, Jr.* v. Ultima Nashua Industrial Corp. & a.
Thomas J. Pappas
Meredith P. Cook
Eleanor H. MacLellan
Hillsborough County Superior Court (S)
Attorney’s fees
04-0091 Appeal of Gabriel Salas*
Janine N. Gawryl
Eric G. Falkenham
NH Compensation Appeals Board
Workers' compensation
04-0092 State of NH* v. Nicholas Champagne
Jonathan V. Gallo
Susan G. Morrell
Francis G. Holland
Hillsborough County Superior Court (N)
Criminal pre-trial proceeding – motion to suppress
04-0094 Appeal of Franklin Lodge of Elks #1280 BPOE*
Matthew J. Lahey
Attorney General
NH Sweepstakes Commission
Professional licensing and discipline
04-0095 State of NH v. Michelle L. Lavoie (Byron)*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Ryan Russman
Strafford County Superior Court
Post conviction
04-0096 DANMAR Credit Group, LLC v. Joanne M. Jacaruso*
Joseph F. Vittek George C. Carter, Jr.
Lancaster District Court
Contract dispute
04-0097 James Clarke v. Robert Teeling*
James Clarke, pro se Robert Teeling, pro se
Manchester District Court
04-0098 (Alice) Chao-cheng Teng v. Family Bank & a.
(Alice) Chao-cheng Teng,
pro se
Richard C. Follender
Mark F. Weaver
Rockingham County Superior Court
Statute of limitations
04-0099 In the Matter of Pamela A. English and John M. English*
Pamela A. English, pro se
John M. English, pro se
Merrimack County Superior Court
Child support; NH support guidelines
04-0100 SBA Towers, Inc. v. John Stowe d/b/a Mammoth Green Driving Range & H&T Realty Trust*
Alexander J. Walker Steven A. Clark
John G. Cronin
Rockingham County Superior Court
04-0101 In the Matter of Michael Zybert* and Tracey Zybert
Leesteffy Jenkins
Scott F. Innes
Hillsborough County Superior Court (N)
04-0102 State of NH v. Steven Gagne*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Theodore Barnes
Merrimack County Superior Court
Criminal Conviction - operating while deemed a habitual offender, disobeying an officer, reckless operation
04-0103 Laura Fox* & a.
City of Portsmouth
Town of Newington
Town of Greenland
Town of Greenland
Town of Greenland
Charles A. Griffin
Robert G. Eaton
Robert P. Sullivan
William L. Tanguay
Peter J. Loughlin
Rockingham County Superior Court
Municipal regulation
04-0105 Jaguar Cars, Inc. v. New England Financial Independence Group, Inc.*
Sean T. O’Connell Wayne R. Murphy
Brian P. Fitzsimmons
Belknap County Superior Court
04-0106 In the Matter of Joyce K. Nyhan and William K. Nyhan*
Helen M. McKittrick
Doreen F. Connor
Family Division at Brentwood
Post-Divorce Proceedings
04-0107 State of NH v. Mark L. Dufour*
Attorney General Mark Stevens
Salem District Court
Criminal conviction -- DWI
04-0110 State of NH v. Steven Gubitosi*
Attorney General Joshua L. Gordon
Belknap County Superior Court
Criminal conviction-stalking
04-0111 Amy Babchyck & a. v. Jean Drake*
Amy Babychyck, pro se
James Dorr, pro se
Joshua L. Gordon
Plymouth District Court
04-0112 Barbara L. Clifford* v. Director, Division of Motor Vehicles, State of NH Department of Safety
Barbara L. Clifford, pro se Attorney General
Strafford County Superior Court
Administrative license suspension
04-0113 In the Matter of Roberta L. Kosek* and Michael J. Kosek
Mary M. Howie
Darla S. Sedgwick
Family Division at Salem
Post-Divorce Proceedings
04-0115 Johnny S. M. Lam, Woon Man Lam, To Chun Chan d/b/a Lam Brothers Partnership v. Seismic Entertainment Productions Inc., d/b/a Plum Crazy*
Carl W. Potvin Mark D. Hanlon
Rochester District Court
04-0116 State of NH v. Daniel Rushinski*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Barbara R. Keshen
Carroll County Superior Court
Criminal Conviction-Robbery
04-0117 Bruce S. Samuels* v. Princess Cruises
Scott H. Harris
Margaret R. Crabb
R. Matthew Cairns
Stephen A. Duggan
Manchester District Court
04-0118 State of NH v. James D. Rivadeneira*
Attorney General Joseph L. Hamilton
Salem District Court
Criminal conviction-DWI
04-0122 Daniel Yoder* v. Town of Middleton
J. Joseph McKittrick Lawrence S. Smith
Strafford County Superior Court
Equity, Claim against governmental entity
04-0123 Francis P. Feeney* & a. v. Jean Murphy & a.
Donald F. Hebert James H. Schulte
Grafton County Superior Court
Equity, Real Estate Dispute
04-0124 In the Matter of Linda Kathleen Beuker and Clyde Norman Treadwell*
Robert E. Fisher
Attorney General
Grafton Superior Court
Post divorce proceedings
04-0125 Rosemary Gilroy* v. James Canfield, MD & a.
Ms. Rosemary Gilroy, pro se Jack S. White
Hillsborough County Superior Court (S)
04-0126 Leonard Vigeant v. Town of Hudson*
Andrew A. Prolman David E. Lefevre
Hillsborough County Superior Court (S)
04-0127 Ann Marie Arnold* v. Robert C. Arnold
James P. Bassett
Connie B. Lane
Jennifer M. Orsi
Milford District Court
Domestic violence
04-0128 Robert C. Arnold v. Ann Marie Arnold*
Jennifer M. Orsi James P. Bassett
Connie B. Lane
Milford District Court
Domestic Violence
04-0129 State of NH v. Lucio Fernandez*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
Joseph C. Malfitani
Rockingham County Superior Court
Criminal conviction-Homicide-630:1-b
04-0131 State of Maine Bureau of Revenue v. Stephen Beaulieu*
Jay M. Niederman
Michael Miller
Thomas A. Knowlton
Stephen Beaulieu, pro se
Rockingham County Superior Court
Warrant for unpaid taxes
04-0137 Arthur Tsionis v. Gary White d/b/a Capital Farms
Michael C. Moyers Joshua L. Gordon
Concord District Court
04-0138 Kristine Punohu & a. v. Joanne Gafas*
Kristine Punohu, pro se
Jim Christiansen, pro se
Joanne Gafas, pro se
Haverhill District Court
Small Claims
04-0139 Gregory Alan Gaylor* v. Peter Lunt and Russell Lunt, II
Gregory Alan Gaylor, pro se Robert E. McDaniel
David H. Bownes
Merrimack County Superior Court
Civil-defamation; invasion of privacy; three-year statute of limitations as required by RSA 508:4, I
04-0142 Automatic Laundry Services Company, Inc.* v. Claremont Arms Condominiums
Patricia L. Peard
Courtney Worcester
Michael P. Bentley
Sullivan County Superior Court
Contract Dispute
04-0143 State of NH v. Samantha A. Marshall*
Attorney General David D. King
Colebrook District Court
Criminal Conviction-Driving under the influence of drug or liquor
04-0145 Townsend D. Thorndike* v. Charles E. Thorndike & a.
Paul J. Haley James E. Higgins
Belknap County Superior Court
04-0146 Catholic Medical Center v. Pamela Maurer*
Michael J. Fontaine John G. Vanacore
Manchester District Court
Contract dispute
04-0152 Douglas Krah d/b/a Leisure Living Apartments v. David Ware and Lauren Ware*
Douglas Krah, pro se Lauren Ware, pro se
David Ware, pro se
Hampton District Court
Landlord-Tenant eviction
04-0153 State of NH v. Kenneth DeSchuiteneer*
Attorney General Kevin E. Buchholz
Manchester District Court
Criminal Conviction-DWI
04-0155 State of NH v. John H. O’Neal*
Attorney General John H. O’Neal, pro se
District Court for Southern Carroll County
Criminal Conviction-Speeding
04-0156 In the Matter of Lee Ann Blanchard and David M. Babinski*
Lee Ann Blanchard, pro se
David M. Babinski, pro se
Hillsborough County Superior Court (N)
Post-Divorce Proceedings
04-0157 Allard Nazarian Group, Inc. d/b/a Granite State Manufacturing* v. Shawn P. Sweeney
Robert R. Lucic
Elizabeth A. Bailey
Richard E. Fradette
Hillsborough County Superior Court (N)
Do RSA 354-A:22 and Hum 210.02(c) provide an avenue of review re timeliness of respondent’s charge
04-0158 Stephany Wilson v. Progressive Northern Ins. Co.
Andrew D. Dunn Gordon A. Rehnorg, Jr.
Mary A. Dempsey
Merrimack County Superior Court
Auto Insurance (uninsured motorist)
04-0159 1000 Market Corporation* v. City of Portsmouth & a.
Thomas M. Keane Robert P. Sullivan
Rockingham County Superior Court
Zoning restriction-interpretation of hardship standards
04-0160 State of NH v. Robert B. Cowles*
Attorney General Appellate Defender
James T. Brooks
Grafton County Superior Court
Criminal Conviction-Operating after deemed habitual offender
04-0161 Lower Bartlett Water Precinct v. Rick Murnick* & a.
John T. Alexander
Timothy E. Britain
Ronald M. Force
Donald Nickerson
Tim Merritt
Maureen Merritt
Randall F. Cooper
Carroll County Superior Court
Municipal Regulation
04-0163 In re Estate of Josiah James Tremor, Jr. a/k/a J. James Tremor
G. Wells Anderson for the executor*
Rodney J. Tremor, pro se
Beverly J. Tremor, pro se
Frank E. Kenison
Merrimack County Probate Court
Wills and Estates
04-0164 Harvey J. Garwood,* Attorney at Law v. Cullenberg & Tense, PLLC
Harvey J. Garwood Amend R. Tense
Belknap County Superior Court
Equity contract dispute
04-0165 Dennis Bostrom and Bostrom Enterprises, Inc. v. Phillip Bognonv d/b/a Peer Group*
Raymond P. Blanchard David P. Eby
Rockingham County Superior Court
Employment contract dispute
04-0166 Discover Bank v. Michael Olszta*
W. J. Doyle Michael Olszta, pro se
Nashua District Court
Recovery of credit card obligation
04-0167 Hills-Mor Construction Co., Inc. v. Albert C. Wenning*
Bryan J. Kerman Robert E. Murphy
Rockingham County Superior Court
Alleged breach of purchase and sales agreement
04-0168 Douglas Dichard v. Cecile Starkweather*
Douglas Dichard, pro se Cecile Starkweather, pro se
Nashua District Court
04-0170 Town of Hanover* v. Hanover Professional Firefighters Local 3288 IAFF
Charles P. Bauer
Marie M. McPartlin
John S. Krupski
Grafton County Superior Court
Public Employees-Arbitration Award
04-0171 In the Matter of Eric Pelino* and Antoinette (Plourde) Cote
Eric Pelino, pro se
Antoinette Cote, pro se
Family Division at Plymouth
Custody dispute
04-0173 Focus Real Advisors, LLC* v. Royal Troon, LLC
Robert R. Lucic
John-Mark Turner
Arnold N. Rosenblatt
Hillsborough County Superior Court (N)
Contract Dispute, Real Estate Dispute