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Appellate Mediation Program

Appellate mediation is designed to provide a final opportunity at the Supreme Court level to resolve most non-criminal cases. The Appellate Mediation Program is part of an ongoing effort by the Judicial Branch to offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as an efficient, cost-effective method for settling disputes at all levels of court. The Appellate program is voluntary and is subject to screening for appropriateness by the Court and the Office of Mediation and Arbitration.

If you are interested in requesting appellate mediation in your case, please click on the link below for Agreement Form (NHJB-2614-SUP).

Supreme Court Rule 12-A-Appellate Mediation Rule

Appellate Mediation Agreement Form (NHJB-2614-SUP)

Appellate Mediation Questionnaire (NHJB-2916-SUP)

Parties Confidential Statement (NHJB-2616-ADR)

Party Information Form (NHJB-2615-ADR)


For Mediators Only:
Appellate Mediator Billing Statment (NHJB-2769-SUP)

Appellate Mediation Report (NHJB-2629-SUP)

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