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Superior Court Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Rule 32 (effective October 1, 2013) now governs the process for ADR/Mediation. The purpose of ADR is to provide an opportunity for parties and counsel to resolve civil cases prior to a trial or final hearing.

Mediation is the most common ADR method used by parties. Some civil cases and all criminal cases are exempt from ADR. Please review the rules for clarification.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Rule 32
Arbitration by Agreement Rule 33
Judge Conducted Intensive Mediation Rule 34

The Rule 32 program has both volunteer and market rate mediators on the roster. The master list of all mediators is available by clicking on this link: Listing of Rule 32 Neutrals for Superior Courts . Each person's bio is available by clicking on their name. A hard copy of the master chart is also available at each of the Superior Court locations. Arbitration is available as well, although there is no volunteer option if arbitration is selected. Rather, we have tried to make arbitration cost effective so that parties and counsel who would like to expedite resolution of their case using arbitration, can do so in a cost effective manner.

To remain on the court-approved neutrals list for the following year, per Rule 32(5)(c)(ii) each neutral must submit documentation of the completed refresher training to the Office by January 1. Click on the link:

You may contact the Office of Mediation & Arbitration at:

address:   1 Granite Place, Suite N400
Concord NH 03301
telephone:   (603) 271-6418
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