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Superior Court Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Superior Court offers many methods to manage and resolve your dispute.

In civil cases, Superior Court Rule 32 requires all cases attend an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process like mediation or arbitration, unless the parties together tell the Court they have already participated in ADR with a neutral third party or unless the court, after a party files a motion requesting an exemption, exempts the case from ADR for good cause.

You may select your ADR provider from the list of court-approved neutrals, after reading through Guidance for Selecting a Neutral. Each neutral offers information about themselves, including in which counties they provide services. Contact neutrals directly to discuss their fee requirements and what information they need from you before providing neutral services. You will be asked to name your ADR provider at the Structuring Conference and on the Structuring Conference form.

If all parties agree, you may request arbitration before filing a lawsuit. To do so, submit a written request for arbitration to the Office of Mediation and Arbitration. The Office will then appoint an arbitrator from the list of court-approved arbitrators and coordinate arbitration for you, based on Superior Court Rule 33

In civil cases involving a business, RSA 491:7-a allows for a separate Business and Commercial Dispute docket in Superior Court. Find out more information about the procedures in the Business docket. As part of your Rule 32 ADR requirement, you may select a neutral who is on the Business Court Roster.

In complex civil cases, i.e., those with a realistic possibility of monetary damages exceeding $250,000, you may request judge-conducted intensive mediation to fulfill your Rule 32 ADR requirement. The Court will manage it in accordance with Superior Court Rule 34.

In criminal cases, the Court offers settlement conferences for some people charged with one or more felonies. Read through the Felony Settlement Conference Policies and Procedures to learn more about this process. Learn more about requesting and preparing for a settlement conference here.

For neutrals: To apply to be listed as a Superior Court-approved neutral, please complete the application here and submit to the Office of Mediation and Arbitration. To remain on the court-approved neutrals list, per Rule 32(5)(c)(ii) each neutral must submit documentation of the completed refresher training to the Office by January 1.

You may contact the Office of Mediation & Arbitration at:

address:   1 Granite Place, Suite N400
Concord NH 03301
telephone:   (603) 271-6418
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