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These pages have been developed to provide electronic access to information, including court records and other documents, frequently requested by the public and the media. 

All documents indexed on these pages are in Adobe's® Portable Document Format.

Additional Superior Court orders can be found on the Superior Court Orders page.

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Request for Supreme Court Opinion
2020-0414 -Request for an Opinion of the Justices (Quorum under Part II, Article 20)

2019-0693 - Caroline Casey et al v. NH Secretary of State et al - (Order Certifying Question to the New Hampshire Supreme Court) - Case Closed

2018-0267 -Resolution of the Governor and the Executive Council -(Amending Definition of Residence and Residency) - Case Closed

State of NH v. Armando Barron - Multiple Cases
214-2020-CR-134 State of NH v. Britany Barron
218-2020-CR-0758 State of NH v. Szczesny Jerzy Kaminski
456-2020-CR-1633 State of NH v. Daniel Zeron
214-2019-CR-0078 State of NH v. Volodymyr Zhukovskyy
Related Case –219-2019-CV-0449 Mary Lou Welch v. Westfield Transport Inc.
State of NH v. Dale Holloway - Multiple Cases
Related Case - 218-2019-CR-1132 State of NH v. Brandon Castiglione
State of NH v. Christina Fay - Multiple Cases
State of NH v. Timothy Verrill
State of NH v. Patrick Bradley
State of NH v. Robert Pavao
State of NH v. Michael Addison - Multiple Cases
216-2020-CV-570 American Federation of Teachers v. William Gardner and Gordon MacDonald

218-2020-CV-0603 Jennifer Hunt as Administrator of The Estate of John W. Johnson; Darrell Gyles and Bethany Molter as Co-Administrators of The Estate of Heidi Grace Johnson v. North Beach Bar & Grill, LLC; Lea Merrill; Keith D'Andrade

218-2020-CV-0673 Blythe Brown v. Daniel Gerhard Brown
226-2020-CV-0266 Andrew Cooper v. Governor Christopher Sununu and City of Nashua
218-2020-CV-0602 Shawn Devine v. Governor Christopher Sununu, et al
217-2020-CV-0252 Louise Spencer v. Governor Christopher Sununu
216-2020-CV-0362 Mary Jane Wallner, et al. v. Christopher Sununu
Contoocook Valley School District and Winchester School District v. State of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Department of Education, Governor Christopher T. Sununu and Frank Edelblut -Multiple Cases
SB3 Cases
2020-0252 League of Woman Voters of NH v. William M. Gardner, et al
226-2017-CV-0433 League of Woman Voters of NH v. William M. Gardner et al
226-2017-CV-0432 New Hampshire Democratic Party v. William M. Gardner et al
2018-0208 League of Woman Voters of NH v. William M. Gardner et al - Case Closed
Plymouth Village Water & Sewer District et al v. Robert R. Scott, Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services - Multiple Cases
216-2019-CV-0445 State of NH v. 3M Company, E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, and The Chemours Company, LLC
216-2019-CV-0446 State of NH v. 3M Company, E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, The Chemours Company LLC, Chemguard, Inc., Tyco Fire Products LP, Buckeye Fire Equipment Company, Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. and National Foam, Inc. -Transferred to Federal Court - Case Closed
Probate / Trust
313-2014-ET-0187 Estate of John Chakalos - Case Closed
Santilli et al. v. Carman - Multiple Cases - Closed
313-2014-ET-0117 Estate of Rita Chakalos - Case Closed
State of NH v. Richard S. Sackler, et al (Purdue Pharma) - Bankruptcy Stay

217-2019-CV-0617 State of NH v. Richard S. Sackler, Jonathan D. Sackler, Mortimer D.A. Sackler, Kathe A. Sackler - Case Closed

Appeal of Northern Pass

2018-0468 Appeal of Northern Pass - Case Closed

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