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01/21/21 An order In the Matter of Julie A. Introcaso has been posted scheduling an in-person hearing. Due to COVID-19 protocols, members of the public and members of the press may watch hearing in real time through live-streaming. Physical attendance is prohibited.
12/15/20 Amended Notice of Hearing
12/07/20 NOTICE:  The public hearing in the matters of JC-19-050-C and JC-20-010-C originally scheduled to commence on December 14, 2020 has been continued.  When this matter is rescheduled, an Amended Notice of Hearing shall be filed and published on this website along with information regarding public access to this hearing via live-stream broadcast.
10/22/20 Statement of Formal Charges and Notice of Hearing
07/01/20 New Appointment to the Judicial Conduct Committee