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Circuit Court Family Division - Name Change

After reviewing the information on these pages, if you need further assistance please contact the Trial Court Information Center:
1-855-212-1234 for calls from US or Canada (Calls from outside US or Canada call 603-415-0162)


Electronic Filing
Electronic Filing is mandatory in name change cases.  Self-represented litigants will use the program TurboCourt.  Attorneys will use the program File & Serve.   If you had filed your original name change action, in paper (not electronically), you may continue to file your pleadings in paper.  Please be aware of the Circuit Court’s Electronic Filing Rules.

Basic Facts
Name change requests in the Family Division are not separately filed Petitions for change of name.  Instead, these requests are made during a divorce case or during an adoption matter.

Other name change requests should be filed in the Probate Division.



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