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News – 09/21/18

Superior Court E-Filing
Top 5 things to remember (and share with your staff)

1) You MUST enter an e-service contact in every case. If you don’t, you will not receive notices from the court or pleadings from other parties.
2) Do not e-file into a paper case. If a case started in paper, it remains in paper.
3) Please assure you add ALL parties to your e-filed case.
4) Do not make assumptions regarding the representation status of the defendant(s) when filing a complaint. It is their responsibility to include that information.
5) Interpleader trust funds are submitted to the Superior Court location having jurisdiction over the case.

News – 09/18/18

Superior Court E-Filing has gone live! All NEW cases must now be E-Filed to the Court. Any SUBSEQUENT filings for existing paper cases will still need to be filed in the conventional manner.

First step to E-filing:You will receive important case related emails from either or Be sure to add BOTH to your address book and to your approved email list. Go here for more information on receiving emails.

Supplemental Rules of the Superior Court of New Hampshire For Electronic Filing in Specified Civil Cases

Amended Rules of the Superior Court of the State of New Hampshire Applicable in Civil Actions

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Case Access Portal
  • 12/19/18: A limited number of civil cases are temporarily not accessible to view electronically. If you are a party to such a case, you can contact your local court to receive a copy of the documents.

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