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  • Supreme Court Electronic Filing is Underway

    The NH Supreme Court launched electronic filing (e-filing) for attorneys on August 6, 2018.  Accordingly, the 2018 Supplemental Rules of the Supreme Court of New Hampshire and various amendments to the existing Supreme Court Rules took effect on that date, with the exception of the rules and provisions requiring the e-filing of case-initiating documents.

    What does this all mean?  A notice of appeal or other case-initiating document (i.e., Rule 10 appeal petition, Rule 8 interlocutory appeal, Rule 9 interlocutory transfer, Rule 11 petition for original jurisdiction, or motion to extend time to file an appeal document) must still be filed conventionally (in paper), not electronically, until the Supreme Court decides to expand the scope of e-filing to include case-initiating documents.  Once a new paper-filed case has been docketed by the clerk’s office, the Supreme Court will issue a procedural order that notifies parties and attorneys of the case’s docket number and advises attorneys of the requirement to promptly register as an e-filer and to file any subsequent documents electronically.  All documents filed by an attorney after that procedural order must be submitted through the Supreme Court’s e-filing system.  The procedural order will also notify parties representing themselves and nonlawyer representatives that they must submit all documents to the court conventionally (in paper).  E-filing for self-represented parties and nonlawyer representatives is expected to be implemented in 2019.

    According to the governing rules, e-filing is mandatory for attorneys in cases that have been initiated in the Supreme Court on or after August 6, 2018.  Thus, mandatory e-filing for attorneys applies to case no. 2018-0457 and any case filed and docketed after that one.  E-filing is not available in a case preceding case no. 2018-0457, unless the Supreme Court has expressly converted the particular case to an e-filing case.  For further information concerning the rules and their applicability, the technical requirements for e-filing, and the steps to take in preparation for e-filing, please review the resource documents on this page.

    Supreme Court e-File Training for Attorneys

    Supreme Court staff is offering e-filing training for attorneys and their staff who expect to be involved in Supreme Court cases.  Training sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes have been scheduled at the NH Bar Center (3rd floor) on the dates listed below:

    • December 13 at 9:00 a.m. (Full)
    • December 14 at 3:00 p.m. (Full)

    Supreme Court staff will demonstrate features of the e-filing system and explain the e-filing process.  The training will utilize the e-filing test site.  Attendees will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the e-filing system by registering in the test site and by filing a test pleading, such as a motion or brief.  There will also be an explanation of some of the rule changes adopted to facilitate the e-filing process, such as word limitations for briefs.

    Advance registration for the training sessions is required.

    Email to register for a training session.  Provide your Bar ID number at the time of registration.







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