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  For Immediate Release:
November 22, 2013

Judicial Branch Selects Software Company for e-Court Project
Moving towards paperless court system will be more efficient and economical,
creates greater accessibility for citizens says Chief Justice

CONCORD, NH -- The New Hampshire Judicial Branch has selected Tyler Technologies of Plano, Texas, to supply the computer software package for the NH e-Court Project that will allow attorneys, parties to cases and members of the public to file and retrieve court documents electronically. Since 2004, Tyler, the nation's leading supplier of e-filing software, has also maintained the modern case management system known as "Odyssey" which is used throughout the New Hampshire Trial Court system.

"The NH e-Court Project is the top administrative priority of the Judicial Branch and our new contract with Tyler is a huge step toward a paperless court system that will be more efficient, more economical and more accessible to our citizens," Chief Justice Linda Stewart Dalianis said.

The contract for e-filing software was awarded to Tyler after a competitive bidding process involving five software vendors and review of proposals by a seven member committee. Tyler is currently processing over 200,000 e-filing cases in 10 states, including Oregon, Minnesota, Maryland and Texas.

"The ease with which we will be able to integrate Odyssey components with Tyler's e-filing system was the most efficient, and cost effective route for us to take in launching the NH e-Court project," according to Peter Croteau, the court system's chief technology officer.

The Judicial Branch has also contracted with Intresys of San Mateo, California, to supply the e-filing software specifically designed for use by the growing number of self-represented parties, known as pro se, who bring cases to court without legal assistance. Croteau described Intresys as the "industry leader" in providing a software package that includes step-by-step guidance for non-lawyers, or pro se individuals, who are filing pleadings electronically. He also stated that self-represented litigants are involved in almost three-quarters of trial court cases filed and more than 95% of small claims cases.

"These vendors were selected from a very competitive field. We look forward to configuring a state-of-the-art, secure, end-to-end electronic information system for our courts that greatly reduces costly paper handling while improving services for citizens who use the court," Croteau said.

The Circuit Courts in Concord and Plymouth have been designated as pilot sites for Phase I of the NH e-Court Project, which will be limited to e-filing of Small Claims cases. The systems developed in the Small Claims Pilot Project would eventually be applicable to all case types in the state court system, both civil and criminal. The Small Claims Project, which will include electronic filing, payment of fees, signatures, notices and document management, is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2014.

For the past two years, NH e-Court Project team managers have worked with industry experts to redesign traditional business practices within the court system in preparation for establishing a new, streamlined electronic filing system. That redesign, applied to the vendors e-filing systems, will ultimately eliminate the court's paper-bound filing systems around the state, improving workflow and freeing up scarce building space that has long been reserved for storage of court files.

"We are grateful for the ongoing hard work of our project team and for the support of state lawmakers who recognized the need to update and modernize the administration of justice in our state," Chief Justice Dalianis said.

Lawmakers this year included $3.2 million for the NH e-Court Project in the FY 14-15 Capital Budget for the Judicial Branch; $1.9 million was appropriated in FY 12-13. This funding allocated to date represents $5.1 million of the $7.25 million cost expected for the entire system.


NOTE: Additional information about the NH e-Court Project is available on the Judicial Branch website at http://www.courts.state.nh.us/nh-e-court-project/index.htm