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Judicial Branch, State of New Hampshire

For Immediate Release:
September 27, 2018

Civil filings in Superior Court cases go electronic
Benefits include cost savings and time efficiencies

CONCORD, NH – - The Judicial Branch announced today that filings in civil cases have gone electronic at all eleven Superior Courts across the state. This is the fourth case type to be brought on-line by the NH e-Court Program since it began in 2012, including small claims, guardianships and estates.

Hon. Tina L. Nadeau, chief justice of the Superior Court, led the switch away from paper. “We've found that electronic filing provides huge benefits for lawyers, self-represented parties and the court system,” she said. “It starts with all of the time saved by being able to file from an office or a home computer, which means fewer trips to the courthouse, and ends with cases being resolved in a shorter amount of time.” Judge Nadeau also noted that e-Filing reduces the amount spent on postage, paper and other costs associated with paper filing.

For attorneys, e-Filing means using an online application called “File & Serve” to register, and to upload their complaints and pleadings. Attorney focused training and assistance is also available on their e-Filing website.

Self-represented litigants use “TurboCourt” with a guided interview that creates and sends completed filings to the court. It also prompts filers on how to attach and upload other documents that may be required for their case.

Superior court judges review cases and documents electronically from the bench using software that is integrated into the case management system and provides real-time access to case information and documents.

The File & Serve and TurboCourt applications have been used successfully by the state's Circuit Court system for the past four years and have proven beneficial in helping all filers prepare and file their case documents.

Looking ahead, the NH e-Court Program will continue delivering benefits to New Hampshire citizens by expanding electronic filing in 2019. Plans include other civil cases in the Circuit Court and attorney filing in Superior Court criminal cases.

The Superior Court provides assistance to all filers who can call the NH Judicial Branch Information Center at 855-212-1234 or online at the NH Judicial Branch Electronic Services website: https://www.courts.state.nh.us/nh-e-court-project/superior-attorneys.htm


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