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For Immediate Release:
January 28, 2020

Civil and Name Change Cases in Circuit Courts
Going Electronic
The implementation of e-filing at in the Circuit Courts continues

CONCORD – The NH Judicial Branch today announced that civil cases and name change cases in the Circuit Court are going electronic.   On February 12, 2020 new filings in these case types will join small claims, guardianships, and wills and estate cases that are already electronic in the Circuit Court.  See Administrative Order 2020 – 03 District Division Civil Electronic Filing Project and Administrative Order 2020 – 04 Probate Division Electronic Filing Project.

     To date, the Circuit Court has opened nearly 90,000 electronically filed cases.  With the addition of civil and name change cases, the annual e-filed cases are expected to increase by about 3,700 cases.   

     “We are excited to add more case types to our e-filed platform” said David D. King, Administrative Judge of the Circuit Courts.   “As with previous case types, our design has focused on ease of filing and efficiency in processing the cases, with the expectation that we are simplifying the process, both for the filer and our hard working staff.”

     Circuit Court Sr. Administrator Gina Belmont added that, “Contemporaneous with the start of electronic filing for these cases, by order issued January 27, 2020, the NH Supreme Court order dated October 29th will be effective, bringing into play new district civil and name change rules.” 

     The NH e-Court Program was launched in 2014.  These civil and name change cases in the Circuit Court and the other cases that are electronically filed in the Circuit Court, are joined by the Superior Court civil and criminal on-line filings, and the Supreme Court on-line appeal filings in all case types.  All courthouses in the state are equipped with public kiosks that are located in a central lobby area. Public access to non-confidential electronically filed case documents is available at all kiosks.



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