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Circuit Court Probate Division - Administrative Orders

The following is a listing with links to the Probate Court Administrative Orders. They are in .pdf format and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat, version 5.0 or higher.

For a list of Circuit Court administrative orders please visit the Circuit Court page.

For those case types that are electronically filed, the Electronic Filing Rules supersede any related Administrative Orders.

E-filing of new Guardianship cases was effective June 2015.
E-filing of NEW Estate cases became effective on May 23, 2017 for:
Laconia (4th Circuit), Concord (6th Circuit), Dover (7th Circuit), Brentwood (10th Circuit)

E-filing of NEW Estate cases became effective statewide on June 14, 2017 for the remaining probate divisions:
Lancaster (1st Circuit), Haverhill (2nd Circuit), Ossipee (3rd Circuit), Newport (5th Circuit), Keene (8th Circuit), Nashua (9th Circuit)



Number Relative To Most Recent Revision
Educational Conferences for Registers of Probate August 1, 2007
Justice/Master Name Plate in Probate Court Proceedings August 1, 2007
Records Management and Retention Policy February 16, 2006
Notice By Publication August 1, 2007
Hours of Operation August 1, 2007
Parties Appearing of Record in Guardianship and Custodianship Cases, Per RSAs 463, 463-A, 464 & 465 August 1, 2007
Estates Opened to Pursue a Cause of Action December 14, 2009
Protocol for Background Checks in Guardianship Proceedings August 1, 2010
Protocol for Background Check in Adoption Proceedings With No Home Study December 1, 2008
AO 10  
Certificates of Appointment (Letters of Appointment) September 1, 2011
Certificates – Adoptions & Name Changes, Bond Discharges and Other Documents September 1, 2011
Probate Mediation Policies September 25, 2009
AO 12
GAL Fee Caps in 464-A Guardianships RESCINDED August 1, 2007
Obtaining a Decedent's Medical Records November 13, 2018
AO 14
Telephonic Appearances at Certain Probate Court Hearings RESCINDED April 10, 2015
Civil actions filed in Probate Court - Writs, Small Claim Complaints and Landlord Tenant actions June 16, 2020
Criteria for Professional Guardian September 10, 2009
Confidentiality in Guardianships of Incapacitated Persons October 24, 2013


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