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Supplemental Rules of the Supreme Court
of New Hampshire for Electronic Filing


I.  General Provisions

1.       Applicability of These Rules
2.       Relationship to Other Rules
3.       Definitions
4.       Scope of Electronic Filing: General Provisions
5.       Scope of Electronic Filing: Requesting Exemption Based Upon Party’s Status or Hardship
6.       Scope of Electronic Filing: Exceptions Based Upon Case Type or Document Type
7.       Official Court Record and Public Inspection
8.       Registration Requirements

II.  Electronic Filing of Documents

9.       Timing and Timeliness of Filings: General Provisions
10.     Timing and Timeliness of Filings: Effect of Technical Failure
11.     Format of Filings
12.     Paper Copies Not Required or Allowed
13.     Signatures on Filings
14.     Signatures on Court-Issued Electronic Documents
15.     Notarized Signatures on Electronic Documents (Notarial Acts)
16.     Confidential Filings

III.  Service of Documents

17.     Formal Service of Process
18.     Electronic Service of Documents to Registered E-Filers

IV.  Miscellaneous Provisions

19.     Electronic Payment of Fees, and Refund of Fees Paid Electronically
20.     Motions for Admission Pro Hac Vice
21.     Certified or Attested Court Documents


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