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Rule 6. Form of Cases and Appendices.

(1) Filings of cases and appendices shall be made through the court’s electronic filing system, unless the case or case-initiating document is exempt or unless the person filing the case is exempt or has filed a motion to be excused from the requirement of electronic filing in accordance with the Supplemental Rules of the Supreme Court of New Hampshire for Electronic Filing.  

(2) If the filing of the case and any appendix is not made through the court’s electronic filing system, the case-initiating document and any appendix must be submitted to the court conventionally (non-electronically) in accordance with Rule 26 and may be prepared using a printing, duplicating or copying process capable of producing a clear letter quality black image on white paper, but shall not include ordinary carbon copies. Unless submitted through the court’s electronic filing system, each filing of a case shall be upon good quality, nonclinging paper 8 ½ by 11 inches in size. If timely filings do not conform to this rule or are not clearly legible, the clerk of the court may require that new copies be substituted, but the filings shall not thereby be deemed untimely.

       (3) The front cover of the filing of a case and of the appendix, if the appendix is separately produced, shall contain: (1) The name of this court; (2) The docket number, after one has been assigned; (3) The title of the case; (4) The nature of the proceeding in this court, e.g., appeal by petition; and (5) The names and addresses of counsel for the party filing the case. See form in appendix to these rules.

       (4) Whenever the pertinent text of constitutions, statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, insurance policies, contracts or other documents is to be set forth in an appendix, it need not be typewritten, but may be produced by an easily readable duplicating or dry copying process.

       (5) Each request for findings of fact and rulings of law set forth in a notice of appeal or appendix shall indicate on the margin whether they have been "granted," "denied" or "not ruled upon" by the master or the court.


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Supreme Court Rules Table of Contents