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Rule 201.  Fees.

(I) The appropriate fee must accompany all filings. All fees shall be consolidated into a single payment, when possible.

(II) 18.22% of the entry fee paid in each petition and cross-petition in marital cases ($41.00) shall be deposited into the mediation and arbitration fund to be used to pay for mediation where both parties are indigent.
(III) Fees

          (A)  Original Entries:

                  (1)  Original Entry of any Action at Law or
        Equity except a petition for writ of habeas corpus;
        Original Entry of all Marital Matters, including Order
        of Notice and Guardian ad Litem Fee; Transfer;
        the filing of a foreign judgment pursuant to
        RSA 524-A; or any Special Writ                                           $ 225.00

                  (2)  Original Entry of a petition for writ of 
        habeas corpus                                                                 $ 0 (no fee)

                  (3) Counterclaim on Civil or Equity Matter
        (including set-off, recoupment, cross-claims and
        third-party claims)                                                            $ 225.00

                 (4) Cross-Petition for Divorce                                     $ 225.00

                 (5) Motion to Bring Forward Civil/Equity
        (post judgment)                                                                $ 125.00

                 (6) Motion to Bring Forward a Domestic
        matter with stipulation                                                       $ 100.00

                 (7) Motion to Bring Forward a Domestic
        matter without stipulation                                                   $ 225.00

                 (8) Wage Claim Decision                                            $ 65.00

                 (9) Marriage Waiver                                                  $ 75.00

          (B) General and Miscellaneous

               (1) Motion for Periodic Payments                                   $ 25.00

               (2) Petition to Annul Criminal Record                              $ 125.00

               (3) Original Writ (form)                                                $ 1.00

               (4) Writ of Execution                                                  $ 40.00

               (5) Petition for Ex Parte Attachment, Ex Parte
        Petition for Writ of Trustee Process                                      $ 40.00

               (6) Reissued Orders of Notice                                       $ 25.00

               (7) Application to Appear Pro Hac Vice                           $ 250.00
         (C) Certificates and Copies

               (1) Certificates and Certified Copies                              $ 10.00

               (2) Divorce Certificate (VSR) only                                 $ 10.00

               (3) Divorce Certificate, Certified Copy
         of Decree and if applicable, Stipulation,
         QDRO, USO, and other Decree-related
         Documents                                                                    $ 40.00

              (4) All Copied Material                                                 $ .50/page

              (5) Certificate of Judgment                                          $ 10.00

              (6) Exemplification of Judgment                                    $ 40.00

(IV) Surcharges and Additional Fees

         (A) On the commencement of any proceeding involving the determination of parental rights and responsibilities for which a fee is required, including petitions and cross-petitions for divorce with minor children, an additional fee of $2.00 shall be paid by the petitioner or cross-petitioner.

         (B)  Pursuant to RSA 490:26-a, II, the sum of $25.00 shall be added to each civil filing fee set forth in paragraphs (III)(A)(1), (III)(A)(3),(III)(A)(4), (III)(A)(5), (III)(A)(6), (III)(A)(7), (III)(A)(8), and (III)(A)(9) above, except for the following types of cases which pursuant to RSA 490:26-a, II(b) are exempt from the surcharge:

    (1)  Actions relating to children under RSA 169-B, RSA 169-C, and RSA 169-D.

    (2)  Domestic violence actions under RSA 173-B.

    (3)  Small claims actions under RSA 503.

    (4)  Landlord/tenant actions under RSA 540, RSA 540-A, RSA 540-B, and RSA 540-C.

    (5)  Stalking actions under RSA 633:3-a.

         (C)   Pursuant to RSA 490-E:4, I(c), the sum of $10.00 shall be added to each civil filing fee set forth in paragraph III(A) above and shall be deposited into the mediation and arbitration fund established under RSA 490-E:4.

(V)  Records Research Fees:

(A)  Record information must be requested in writing and include the individual's full name and, if available, the individual's date of birth.  A fee of $20 per name will be assessed for up to 5 names.  Additional names will be assessed $5 per name.

        (B) The Clerk may waive the records research fee when a request for record information is made by a member of the media consistent with the public's right to access court records under the New Hampshire Constitution. 

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Superior Court Civil Rules Table of Contents