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Rule 35. Trial Management Conference

(I)  Jury Trials

        (a)  In every case scheduled for jury trial, the court shall schedule a Trial Management Conference which shall take place within 14 days before jury selection, or at such other time as the court shall order.  At the Conference, parties will be present or available by telephone, prepared to discuss conduct of the trial and settlement.

(b)  14 days prior to the Trial Management Conference, unless another time is directed by the court or agreed to by the parties, all parties shall file with the court and serve on the other parties Pretrial Statements, which shall include, by numbered paragraphs, a detailed, comprehensive, and good faith statement, setting forth the following:

    1.  A summary of the case that can be read by the court to the jury at the beginning of trial;

    2.  Disputed issues of fact;

    3.  Applicable law;

    4.  Disputed issues of law;

    5.  Specific claims of liability by the party making the claim;

    6.  Defendant’s specific defenses;

    7.  Itemized special damages;

    8.  Specification of injuries with a statement as to which, if any, are claimed to be permanent;

    9.  The status of settlement negotiations;

    10.  A list of all exhibits to be offered in the direct case of each party.  The parties, or their counsel, shall bring exhibits, or exact copies of them, to court on the day of the Trial Management Conference for examination by opposing parties or their representatives;

    11.  A list of all depositions to be read into evidence;

    12.  A waiver of claims or defenses, if any;

    13.  A list of the names and addresses of all witnesses who may be called;

    14.  Whether there will be a request for a view and, if so, who shall pay the cost in the first instance;

    15.  The names and addresses of the trial attorneys or non-attorney representatives.

(c)  Except for good cause shown, only witnesses listed in the Pretrial Statement will be allowed to testify and only exhibits, so listed, will be received in evidence.

(d)  Preliminary requests for instructions about unusual or complex questions of law shall be submitted in writing at the Trial Management Conference.  Supplementary requests may be proposed at any time prior to the time the court completes its instructions to the jury.

(II)  Bench Trials

    The court may direct the parties to attend a Trial Management Conference in non-jury cases.  Written pretrial statements are not required in non-jury cases unless ordered by the court.  Requests for findings of fact and rulings of law shall be submitted in writing in accordance with a schedule to be determined by the court.

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Superior Court Civil Rules Table of Contents