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To preserve the rule of the law and to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the United States and New Hampshire Constitutions, the courts will provide accessible, prompt, and efficient forums for the fair and independent administration of justice, with respect for the dignity of all we serve.
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Alternatives To Court


decorative iconIn some instances, depending on your case, there are alternatives to legal action, which are known in the court system as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs. For many types of issues, such as small claims actions, probate matters and domestic relations issues, ADR can offer an alternative to a court action which can save you money and time. For other problems, there may be resources in the community that can help you. If you are interested in learning more about ADR:

NH Court System Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
This site includes detailed information about court mediation in small claims cases, marital and probate cases. There are links to approved mediators and neutral evaluators whose services are used in the courts.


Resources Outside the Court System

If you have encountered an unfair business or consumer practice, you may contact:

New Hampshire Better Business Bureau
Deals with complaints about businesses located in New Hampshire

NH Department of Justice, Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau
Protects consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices in New Hampshire.

National Better Business Bureau
Deals with complaints about businesses located outside New Hampshire.

If you have a discrimination complaint with employment, housing or public accommodation, contact:
New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights
A government agency that deals with discrimination cases in employment, housing and public accommodation.
If you believe your rights as a citizen have been violated by government action:
New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union
Deals with legal issues that primarily involve violations of individual rights by the government.
If you would like to read more about the law:
The New Hampshire Law Library
This is the only public law library in the state.  Its mission is to advance the administration of justice by providing legal information and related services to the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government, the legal communities of New Hampshire, and the people of the state.
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