1. In view of the decision of the N.H. Supreme Court in Shafmaster v. Shafmaster, 138 NH 460 (1994), no uncontested divorce case, whether by stipulation or by default, will be scheduled for hearing until current support affidavits of both parties have been filed with the Court. "Current" for this purpose shall mean that the support affidavits are dated no earlier than thirty (30) days before the date of the request for the uncontested hearing. The party seeking a divorce at an uncontested hearing is expected to make reasonable efforts to obtain the support affidavit of the non-appearing party for filing with the Court. However, if the support affidavit of the non-appearing party cannot be obtained, the moving party may file an affidavit explaining why it is impossible to obtain.

2. In cases where there are minor child(ren), an uncontested divorce will not be scheduled for hearing until a child support guideline worksheet has been filed with the Court.

3. In cases involving child support where the obligor has failed to file a support affidavit or otherwise disclose his/her income, the obligee should make a reasonable estimate of the obligor's income, use that amount in calculating support on the child support guideline worksheet, and include a statement to that effect in the proposed decree.

4. Stipulations or proposed decrees must state whether the child support award is in accordance with the Child Support Guidelines and, if not, explain the deviation.

5. In a defaulted case, the party who appears shall certify to the Court upon requesting a final hearing that a copy of the proposed decree has been sent to the defaulted party or the party who has failed to appear at party's last known address.