Under authority conferred by the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the following Administrative Order is issued.

The purpose of this Order is to provide guidelines for responding to requests for use of Superior Court space.

1) No request should be granted which conflicts or interferes with the regular work of Superior Court.

2) The following activities do not require approval of the Chief Justice, but may be approved by the Supervisory Justice or the Clerk.

a) Requests for courtroom space by any member of the Judicial Branch for judicial purposes;

b) Requests by State or County officials to use courtroom space for occasional meetings;

c) Requests of any educational institution to use courtroom space for mock trials or other court education-related activities;

d) Requests by administrative agencies to hold administrative hearings;

e) Requests by the State or local Bar Association for meeting purposes.

f) Requests by attorneys of record for witness preparation.

3) All other requests must be approved by the Chief Justice of the Superior Court.

4) Approval will not be given for the conduct of the following activities on Court space:

a) Political activities;

b) Private commercial activities, such as private mediation, depositions, closings;

c) Religious activities;

d) Fund-raising activities;

5) There shall be no consumption of alcoholic beverages or smoking on the premises during any approved activity.

6) Food and beverage shall not be consumed on the premises during any activity without the approval of Supervisory Justice or Clerk of Court.

7) Requests for use of court space should include at least the following information:

a) The name, address and telephone number of the person or organization requesting the use;

b) The specific use requested;

c) The hours during which the activity will take place;

d) The arrangements that have been made for maintenance and security;

e) The name, address and telephone number of the person who will be responsible for damage or loss which may result from the activity.

8) The clerk shall notify Administrative Services Court Facilities when activities are approved to take place during non business hours in state owned or maintained buildings.


Effective Date

Joseph P. Nadeau

Chief Justice