Under authority conferred by the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the following Administrative Order is issued.


To supplement New Hampshire Superior Court Rule 61-A, the following internal procedures are promulgated and are effective immediately:

1. Page five (5) of the questionnaire should be detached from the questionnaire itself and should not be made available to the public, parties or counsel. It is for court use only for payment purposes. Similarly, letters or other contact with jurors relative to their excusal or deferment should remain for court use only.

2. Each Clerk's office should prepare a list of jurors presently serving. Attorneys and parties representing themselves may have copies of the list at no cost provided they have jury cases scheduled for trial. Other interested persons may purchase copies at fifty cents (.50) a page.

3. Each Clerk's office shall have available copies of completed juror questionnaires in sufficient number to allow attorneys or parties representing themselves to review the questionnaires while at the Clerk's office and to have questionnaires with them in court during jury selection, if requested. The above access to questionnaires applies only to attorneys or parties representing themselves who have a jury case scheduled for trial. For purposes of the above, attorneys may designate another attorney in their office or a secretary/paralegal to review the questionnaires for them. Persons reviewing the questionnaires may take notes.

4. Attorneys and parties representing themselves who have jury cases scheduled for trial shall be permitted to purchase copies of completed questionnaires for their use within the parameters of Rule 61-A. All copies shall be provided by the court only and any copying of a questionnaire by those purchasing them is strictly forbidden. There is a flat rate of one dollar ($1.00) per questionnaire. Copies may be picked up at the courthouse or may be mailed as long as the cost of mailing is paid for in advance. The copies, however, remain the property of the court and the Clerk's office shall maintain a sign-out sheet to record copies taken and returned. All copies shall be returned intact within a reasonable time but not later than the conclusion of the jury selection unless a subsequent jury trial is scheduled that term.

5. Due to the frequency of criminal jury cases tried by the County Attorney and the Public Defender, the Clerks are authorized to routinely provide a copy of the questionnaires without cost to each of those agencies on an ongoing basis. Similarly, the Office of the Attorney General and contract attorneys may be provided with copies without cost as the need arises. However, the other procedures and restrictions as outlined above would apply to them as well.


June 11, 1998
Joseph P. Nadeau
Chief Justice