1. In accordance with RSA 597:38-a, whenever a party recognized to appear for any offense defaults, the Court shall exercise its sound discretion to impose an administrative processing fee in the amount of $50 in addition to any other fine or penalty which is assessed.

2. Whenever a party recognized to appear for any offense involving driving makes default and the recognizance is declared forfeited, the Court shall send a Notice of Default to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Payments of the forfeited recognizance under this paragraph shall be sent to the Department of Safety, where it will be deposited into a special fund.

3. Whenever any defendant:

(a) defaults on an arraignment or other scheduled court appearance in connection with a charge or conviction of any offense, or

(b) fails to pay a fine or other penalty imposed in connection with a conviction of any offense which a court has determined the individual is able to pay, or issues a bad check in payment of a fine or other penalty; or

(c) fails to comply with a similar Order of the Court on any matter within the Court's jurisdiction, the individual's driver's license, or resident or non-resident driving privilege, and in any motor vehicle case or related case, the resident plates and motor vehicle registration may be suspended or revoked by the Court with the written consent of the Director of Motor Vehicles, effective 30 days after such default or failure. (RSA 263:56-A).