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Superior Court - Criminal - What to do when you arrive at the courthouse


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What to do when you arrive at the courthouse

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What to do when you arrive at the courthouse

SECURITY SCREENING: The court building is a secure environment and all persons entering the court are required to submit to a security screening. This will include passing through a metal detector and placing any items being carried through an x-ray machine. Do not bring guns, knives, pocket knives, knitting needles or other items that could be used as a weapon. Please keep in mind that even certain everyday items (scissors, nail clippers, etc.) will not be permitted.

Court Appointed Counsel: If you have not had an opportunity to complete the Financial Affidavit NHJB-2313-DFSSup you can fill out the form and have it notarized when you arrive at the court. There may be an attorney available the day of arraignment to assist you.

When the Judge enters the courtroom, the bailiff will say "All rise" or words to that effect at which time everyone who is able is required to stand until told to be seated.

PLEASE be patient When in court please remember that this is an important event for you and for everyone else there. Everyone wants the Judge's full attention and consideration and this takes time. Please be prepared to wait a bit and understand that the Judge will give to you the same consideration he has given to everyone else who goes before you.

THE PROCEEDINGS ARE RECORDED. Because of this, more than one person cannot speak at the same time. Do not try to speak over someone else or at the same time as someone else. This will cause errors in the recording.

If you are given paperwork to look over before appearing in front of the Judge, review it carefully! This paperwork may involve giving up certain rights that are important! You must be able to understand what you are doing. If you do not understand, ask for assistance before proceeding. If you are unable to read or write, we understand that this may be uncomfortable, but please let court staff know. Court staff will assist you. It is much too important to know what you are doing.

PLEASE BE QUIET IN THE COURTROOM. Again, please show others in court the same respect that you deserve by being quiet during the proceedings.

Before leaving the courtroom, be sure that the Judge has finished. To leave before the Judge has finished is disrespectful and, in addition, you may miss something that is important.

PLEASE BE COURTEOUS TO COURT STAFF. You should expect that court staff is courteous to you and we ask that you be the same for them. Court staff cannot change the outcome of your case nor have they had anything to do with what has happened in the courtroom.

Please be sure to obtain any paperwork you are to receive before leaving the courthouse and be sure to review it carefully. Failure to do so could have negative consequences. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THIS PAPERWORK.

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