In Case No. 2001-0243, Petition of Senator Clifton Below & a., the court on June 24, 2002, issued the following order:

The Senate president has requested the court to shorten the Senate filing period from the ten days required by RSA 655:14 to four days. In view of the geographical changes in the redistricting plan, it is unreasonable to expect potential candidates to absorb the information and make a decision whether to seek office or, for instance, to procure and file the requisite number of primary petitions in lieu of a filing fee under RSA 655:20, within four days. Accordingly, the filing period which RSA 655:14 provides as ". . . between the first Wednesday in June and the Friday of the following week," shall, for purposes of a 2002 senatorial election, be between the fourth Wednesday in June and the Friday of the following week. It is not the intent of this order or of the court’s opinion to otherwise alter the provisions of RSA 655. The legislative and executive branches are free to take whatever subsequent steps may be necessary to assure that a 2002 Senate election is held.

The motion to set new election deadlines is otherwise denied.

Brock, C.J., and Nadeau and Dalianis, JJ., concurred.

Eileen Fox,